A (Haunted) Cinderella Story

By: Sally Nagia

When I was younger, getting me to brush my teeth was like pulling teeth out. I hated the feeling of the toothbrush against my teeth and I especially hated the way the toothpaste foam felt and tasted in my mouth. For a while, my parents had to literally hold me in place and brush my teeth for me. Around the time that I turned five years old, my parents decided that they had had enough of this daily struggle. They knew that I loved Disney princesses, so they bought me a Disney character themed toothbrush in hopes that I would brush my own teeth. I remember it was a princess Belle spinning toothbrush and I just couldn’t wait until it was time to brush my teeth so that I could use it. Every few months I would get bored of my old princess toothbrush and move on to a new one. Most of the princess toothbrushes that I had have blurred together in my memory, but I clearly remember one in particular; it was the last princess toothbrush I ever used, the Cinderella toothbrush.

Cinderella has always been my favorite Disney character. Since the moment I got the princess Belle toothbrush I had been on the hunt for the Cinderella version. However, she was so popular that it was always sold out. After a few months, I finally got my hands I one and it was just about the happiest day of my five year old life. When I got her out of the packaging, I distinctly remember a chill running down my spine. I couldn’t explain why, but for some reason my Cinderella toothbrush was different than the other princess toothbrushes. She felt different. She appeared more vivid, more lifelike somehow. I ignored that feeling and placed her in my special toothbrush spot that was on my bathroom counter. I was very particular about the positioning of my princess toothbrushes. Since they had flat bottoms and could stand on their own, I liked for them to be facing straight at me if I was standing in front of my sink. This particular positioning was how I became certain that something was wrong with my Cinderella toothbrush.

One night, I got out of the shower to find my Cinderella toothbrush swiveled 90 degrees to her right. She had moved from her spot and was staring right at me in my towel. I calmed myself down by reasoning that my brother must have accidentally moved her while he was reaching for his own toothbrush. However, after intense questioning my brother assured me that he never bumped into my toothbrush. For an entire week Cinderella was turned to face me every time I came out of the shower. All I could do was turn her back into the correct position and run out of the bathroom as fast as possible. Unfortunately, she had another trick up her sleeve.

As a child, I was a very messy sleeper. I typically woke up in the morning to find my sheets and pillows all tangled up with each other and sometimes thrown off of my bed. I remember waking up one morning and realizing that I was laying on my back with my hands by my sides staring straight up at the ceiling, which never happened. I looked down at my feet to see my bed was perfectly made and the sheets were tucked under the mattress hotel-style, which also never happened. In an attempt to figure out what was going on, I turned my head to my left only to realize that next to me in my bed was my Cinderella toothbrush! She was lying on her back and was tucked under the perfect covers just like me! I couldn’t figure out what was going on but I was so horrified that I picked her up, sprinted outside, and threw her in the trash. Needless to say, I’ve used an ordinary grown-up toothbrush ever since.


5 thoughts on “A (Haunted) Cinderella Story

  1. Oh my gosh, how creepy! I think it’s made even weirder by the fact that neither Cinderella nor toothbrushes are usually associated with horror – there’s something particularly spine-chilling about a haunted object that doesn’t look at all like it should be haunted. It’s one thing for an old Victorian house or a porcelain doll to be haunted; the idea that an average, every day object like that could be haunted/possessed is just unbelievably creepy.

  2. Wow this is a frightening story! I can’t imagine waking up next to an inanimate object, let alone one with a face and eyes! I am truly curious why it was this toothbrush, and why it was possessed. It is so out of the ordinary, and I would forever be terrified by everything. Did you tell your parents about this or anyone? I would not even know how to react!

  3. I think i would’ve had a panic attack! This for some odd reason reminds me of the joker sitting in the chair and switching positions at the end of Poltergeist. Did your parents ever ask why you stopped using the princess toothbrushes? Could it have been them who made your bed? This is giving me the chills LOL.

  4. Oh my god that is so creepy!!! I thought the whole story would be that the toothbrush just slightly moved every so often, but ending up in your bed tucked in with you?! Have you been known to sleep walk at all? What do your parents think of what happened? This kind of reminds me of the haunted toothbrush in Stone Animals.

  5. This is such a unique story! It’s not that shocking for someone to have a strange experience with a doll or something that is typically used in horror stories but a toothbrush?? Super bizarre. Have you ever asked your family about this strange moving toothbrush? I would be interested to know if they noticed it or if they were curious to why you ended up throwing it out. In any case, I’m sure it was a good way to get you to use adult toothbrushes!

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