TV’s Grand Event

By: Kelsey Mannarino

Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide

My dad celebrated his 50th birthday this past March. A week later, we celebrated his birthday at TV’S Grand Event. This former hotel and now banquet center, is in Trenton, Michigan, which is about an hour from Ann Arbor. I was home that weekend because I had to work the Tigers opening day block party for my job with a Detroit’s sports radio station. Needless to say, my parents forced me to go to the party, so I could be the designated driver. I was really bored and tried to entertain myself, so as a joke I decided to ask the waitress if the place was haunted and she told me that it was. She told me a story of a little boy (ghost) named Charlie who lives in the basement of the building. I don’t remember his story or how he ended up there. Apparently the workers weren’t supposed to let visitors down there but somehow she convinced her boss to let us and my cousin Tony and I were able to look around. In the basement there was a tricycle that they left for him to ride around on which was kind of creepy and cute at the same time. Workers said that the bike will move all the time, they will look away and then look back and it will be in a different spot.

The workers told a bunch of my relatives that we could go upstairs and look around on the second floor, which is now another ballroom type area. The same waitress told us that this area used to be a hotel and tried to describe where each room was. One room in particular had an eerie past. In that room a man had hung himself (I don’t remember why). My cousin Mark can be kind of obnoxious. He thought it would be funny to mock the man who killed himself. While he was mocking the ghost, my cousin Jackie was using the burst camera function on her phone. We didn’t notice anything until we looked at the pictures the next day. It is hard to see what is in the picture unless you have your brightness up very high. What appeared to be in the picture was some sort of shadow thing. It wasn’t any of us because it was pitch black upstairs. Who knows if it actually is anything, but we had a lot of fun thinking that it is something and scaring ourselves.

imgA local ghost-hunting group called The Motor City Ghost Hunters did a tour of this place and documented their findings. Here is a link to their site.


5 thoughts on “TV’s Grand Event

  1. Ooh, the picture is extremely creepy. I immediately turned the brightness on my laptop all the way up so that I could get a closer look. It’s still really difficult to see, but you’re right, there’s definitely something there. And honestly, I think the fact that it’s hard to tell what exactly we’re looking at just makes it even more eerie. The documentary looks super interesting as well!

  2. Wow, this place sounds really creepy! I think what gets me is that it used to be hotel. For some reason abandoned or re-purposed hotels are eerie becasue they have dozens (if not hundreds) of rooms left unoccupied. There’s so many rooms that it’s hard to keep track of what’s lurking behind each door. But you’re right, your picture shows that there was definitely some type of figure in that room!

  3. This hotel definitely sounds like a place I do not want to stay! I watched the videos of the ghost hunters, and what they experienced at the hotel is so insane! I really enjoyed watching the videos of the ghost hunters at the hotel, and I am happy you shared this hotel’s story. Did you feel any different in the hotel? I always wonder what it would feel like to be in a room with a ghost.

  4. In all honesty, the first thing that stuck out to me was when you said your parents made you come so you could be the designated driver. I don’t know why but i literally laughed out loud…the idea of my parents being drunk around me is terrifying. Back on topic, i really liked this post, it almost reminded me of the game “Clue.” I don’t know if you know of it but its pretty much a murder mystery game where the participants have to guess who the murderer is, what weapon was used, and in what room it was done. This definitely gave me the creeps, I’m also super curious about that photo! It reminds me of slender man a bit… Maybe you can send them to the ghost hunter and see if he has any interpretation?

  5. Is it just me, or does the picture look kind of like a cat? That could totally just be me. That’s so random though to feel the urge to ask if a place is haunted, and then to find out that it actually was! It’s almost like the ghosts wanted you to ask. I might refrain from mocking ghosts in the future

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