Eli Still at Large

By: Olivia Dworkin

Many people replied to my previous story about Eli and the Ouija board wanting more information on the aftermath of the event. Although I do not have any information on Abby’s situation (I lost all contact with her after the incident), I feel Eli has visited me periodically since middle school.

One thing I did not mention in my previous story was the fact that Eli told me that I would get into a car accident, and he even named a date that it would happen. I tried to push it out of my mind, but that date stuck with me until the day came. That day, my mom wanted me to run errands with her. I was hesitant, but I thought to myself, “It’s not real. There’s no way he could predict that.” I ended up going with my mom. I opted to stay in the car while she ran into the grocery store, and while I was sitting in my mom’s parked car in the lot, another car came out of nowhere and rear-ended me. It wasn’t a terrible accident, more of just a fender bender, but it still felt to me like it was Eli giving that car the extra push it needed to run into me. It spooked me so badly that I did not even tell my mom what had happened when she returned.

After moving to college, I thought maybe that I would escape Eli by moving into a new apartment far away from my home. However, he made it clear that was not the case. Remember how he communicated with Abby, Jenna, and I by moving the blinds? He did it again. The blinds in my bedroom began to move on their own. I know what you’re thinking; it was probably just the wind or an air vent or something. The blinds were moving for five straight days. I took one video on December 4th, and one on December 9th. Just one blind moving back and forth – no air conditioning, no fan, no window open, no nothing.

The next year I moved into a different apartment hoping again to escape from Eli, but deep down I knew that could never happen. I was sitting in my new apartment eating a snack size bag of pretzels and watching Netflix. To paint a picture, I was sitting at my breakfast bar with the bag of pretzels on the bar to my left, and Netflix on an angle to my right. All of a sudden, my front door flew open and a breeze came in and ruffled the newspaper hanging on my fridge. I was on the second floor of an apartment complex with no access to the outdoors, but I still tried to convince myself that it was just the wind. I got up and closed the door, and continued to watch Netflix. While I was watching, I looked down to my right and noticed a pretzel on the bar way across from the bag. I just thought I must have dropped it, so I simply picked it up, ate it, and continued to watch. I looked down about two minutes later and another pretzel appeared in the same spot on the right side of the bar way across from the bag. I was beginning to think I was a slob. I picked up the pretzel again, inspected the breakfast bar for any more stragglers, and continued to watch my show. Two minutes later I looked down, and yet again – another pretzel. Same spot. I threw the bag of pretzels away and immediately left my apartment.

So far, Eli has not done anything to physically harm me. The car accident was minor, and felt like more of a “told you so” moment. Now, whenever something spooky happens, I simply tell myself “Oh, it’s just Eli,” and shrug it off. A psychic I recently saw even told me Eli was just messing around with me, and that I shouldn’t be concerned. Although I am still intact after all these years, I can’t help but wonder why he is still following me around… What does he want?



6 thoughts on “Eli Still at Large

  1. I am obsessed with your Eli stories! This is just so creepy and I can’t believe he was right about the car accident. I really wish you were still in contact with your crazy friend. I would love to know what happened after you guys stopped talking. You should find her on Facebook and then fill us all in!

  2. I have been waiting for the rest of your Eli story since the moment I read the first part! It is so creepy that he seems to have stayed around you this whole time. I think the fact that Eli predicted your fender bender accident makes this story so believable, but I’m glad that the accident was nothing too serious and that you are safe!

  3. Wow, this is terrifying! Like Kelsey and Sally, I’ve been waiting to hear the rest of the story ever since you posted the first part. I’m glad that Eli doesn’t seem like he wants to cause any serious trouble, but it must still be so creepy to know that he’s still around. And I agree with Kelsey – if you ever find out how Abby’s been doing, you should keep us informed.

  4. Even without the blinds or the pretzels on the floor, the car accident alone would have sent me running. That’s crazy that “Eli” predicted the exact day you would get into a car accident. Thats not something that happens often (thank gd!) so it couldn’t just be a random guess. I wonder if he still visits your friend. Or if she still thinks she’s in love with him…

  5. I subscribed to the emails from this site so I can comment as soon as possible and not let the posts get away from me and I immediately read your Eli story because they are so interesting to me. As students of this class, I think I can say with some confidence that we enjoy horror or at least find it somewhat intriguing. I have personally only experienced horror in stories and never in real life. To read and experience a real-life story of horror is truly the scariest thing to me. Not only does Eli follow you as a child or in a certain place, but through your entire young adulthood. Truly scary and thank you for sharing no matter how difficult it may be!

  6. Honestly kudos to you! You are handling everything like a pro, while I would be more scared than a little girl. Those videos you documented were so cool to watch! I can’t believe you actually have a ghost following you around, I literally do not know what I would do. I love your Eli stories so much, and I want to know more about his interactions with you! Such entertaining stories you should call a ghost hunter!

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