Ghost Selfies

By: Kelly Wilton

My friend, knowing I was currently in a horror class sent me an article the other day that struck a nerve with me. The article talks about a girl who was taking a “selfie” in the passenger seat as her mom was driving her on the highway. When looking back at the pictures she took of herself, she found one that showed a clear figure of a boy in the back—even though there was no one else in the car. The mom even had paranormal researchers look into it and they found that there was someone killed in a car accident right where they were driving on the highway. They think maybe it was the person’s ghost that appeared in the picture. To look at the picture and the full article click here.

The reason that I was affected after reading this story has to do with something that happened to me when I was a junior in high school. This was around the time selfies were becoming a common thing and I remember being in a situation eerily similar to the one in the article. I was in the passenger seat and my mom was driving. We were heading to pick up my little brother from baseball practice. I had decided to take out my phone and take some selfies, since I had just cut my hair and wanted to have a picture of how short it was now. It was mid-afternoon and pouring down rain and since we were driving down a dirt road, I remember bouncing up and down and getting annoyed that my pictures would turn out blurry. As I tried and tried to focus the camera, while also getting good lighting, I was about to snap the photo when I saw something that made my heart jump. I remember screaming “oh my gosh,” and whipping my head behind me. I screamed “mom, there’s someone in the car, there’s someone in the car” and naturally, my mom got freaked out and turned into the nearest driveway. My mom looked back in the car and even opened the trunk to appease me and there was obviously nothing in the car. She asked me what I saw and I explained that there was a man that appeared on my phone screen, directly next to my head. He was not anyone that I recognized, but it was not just a shadow—it was a very clear face that appeared on the screen. To this day, my mom thinks it was just my mind playing tricks on me and while that could certainly be the case, I believe it was a paranormal encounter. My biggest regret was being too startled at the moment it happened to push the button on my phone to take the picture.

Now after having read the article above, I am more and more curious about the incident. I actually did some research to see if I could find records of fatal car accidents that happened on the road we were driving on. I did not have any luck, but there was a big house fire nearby about 20 years ago that killed a man and his wife. Who knows, maybe the ghost of that man was the one appearing in the car that day….


5 thoughts on “Ghost Selfies

  1. This is really scary and something that would happen in a contemporary horror movie. I think there’s something especially scary about having strange or paranormal things happen to you while doing everyday or mundane things. Yes, it’s scary to experience something paranormal while ghost hunting or playing with a Ouija board, but it’s something entirely different to see someone’s face while taking selfies or something similar. Have you ever seen the face again in any other paranormal experiences?

  2. This reminds me of an experience I had in middle school. I searched for hours to find this picture, and I tried to attach it to this, but it won’t let me. I took a picture with three of my friends on the last day of 7th grade and when we looked at it this creepy, demented, alien face was in the background. We whipped around, but there was nothing behind us. No one owned up to jumping in the back of the picture either when we asked around. It is so scary I wish there was a way for me to show you! It truly is horrifying when you see something in a picture but then you turn around and there is nothing there. It really allows your mind to wander.

  3. Wow this is crazy! I thought all of that stuff was fake but hearing that it happened to someone we all know is crazy! I would have been too startled as well to take the picture! If this happened to me I would probably have jumped out of the car. I would have been so scared!

  4. This is really creepy! This reminds me of a time when my friends and I were all in the bathroom getting ready on a stormy light. The power at my friend’s house went out briefly. We laughed about the situation and decided to take a mirror picture in the dark. When the lights came back on a few seconds later, we looked at the picture and discovered that there was a strange figure hovering above us!

  5. Super creepy! Though I suppose it makes sense. There are plenty of stories about ghosts showing up in photographs, so it’s only natural that it would start to happen with selfies, too. And it looks like it must happen at least relatively frequently, considering that a couple people in this class alone have had a similar experience! But that’s not something I’d ever thought about, and certainly not the kind of thing you’d want to see when you’re checking your recent pictures!

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