Getting Political

By Donte Neal

By Donte Neal

By: Gina Brandolino

I can’t help myself.

With Election Day right around the corner, I have to share these excellent posters created by Donte Neal.  My favorite is to the left here–not because Jason has my vote for favorite antagonist, but because, wow, can you beat that slogan?!

Let’s keep it light in the comments section, ok? Talk horror, not politics.  (I know, I know.)


3 thoughts on “Getting Political

  1. These are hilarious! My favorite is Freddy Kruger’s slogan “Fulfilling the Dreams of our Nation”. I find it incredibly topical to create political art like this for this particular election considering the general public’s opinion on two of the primary candidates.

  2. These are great! I don’t really like the Hannibal Lecter one though; I don’t think it has a good reference to the movies like the others. Can you imagine a horror movie about a political candidate running for office who is secretly a monster? Spooky. *holds tongue about current presidential candidates*

  3. Haha! This was great. I didn’t think I’d find humor in this election other than all the post-debate commentary. Just like Chelsea, I loved the Freddy “Fulfilling the Dreams of our Nation” one.

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