Main Street Emporium

By: Kelsey Mannarino

Ever since I was a senior in high school I have worked at Greenfield Village, which is part of The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The village and museum are very educational and are the top field trip destinations for children in Michigan and surrounding states.

The Main Street Emporium is a single person run store in Greenfield Village. As of now it is a happy place that sells candy and old-fashioned toys, but before that it used to be a Funeral Parlor. Before I worked in the Main Street Emporium I worked in just the Village store. My co-workers that worked in the Main Street Emporium would always tell me about the creepy things that happened to them there. One co-worker said that she would see things fall off of the shelves and another said that the blinds would pop up on their own. When I was promoted I finally got to work in the Main Street Emporium, but it wasn’t until my third year there that I experienced something in the store.

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I really wanted to experience something supernatural so I thought I would download a ghost-hunting app as a joke to see if anything would actually happen to me. The app had really good reviews so I was excited. The app would say random words that related to the place that you were at. Some of the words that I got were “murder” and “hanged.” Let’s just say that I was pretty creeped out.

A few months later I was able to experience something really creepy that I won’t ever forget. This particular event happened in May or June, which are the top field trip months. I was working in the Emporium when a group of six or seven little girls came in the store with their chaperone. They were all talking to me and being cute. For some reason I asked them if they knew what this place used to be? They told me that they didn’t know but wanted to. I told them to guess and one little girl out of nowhere says “A place where dead bodies used to be.” I screamed. I asked them who told her and the chaperone said no one. I then asked her how she knew that this place was a funeral parlor and she said because her house is haunted and that she had the same eerie feeling in the store as she does at home. I was shocked and told everyone that I worked with and every person that walked into the store. It was probably one of the craziest things that have happened there.


3 thoughts on “Main Street Emporium

  1. This is super scary and interesting, I have been to Greenfield Village a number of times and had no idea the Main Street Emporium used to be a funeral home. I had wondered if there was any paranormal history just because there’s so many history in all of the buildings. I wonder if there have been other employees that have also experienced ghostly things.

  2. Wow, your story hit home for me because my school used to take us to Greenfield village almost every year. Maybe I was naive as a little kid, but it never crossed my mind that anything there was haunted, just old. This story is scary because of the creepy kid who felt that the store was haunted. That part struck me the most because I have visited the Main Street Emporium before but I don’t remember it feeling weird in there. How was she able to so quickly determine that the store was haunted? Maybe she has some sort of connection to the paranormal realm. Creepy!

  3. Oh my god. Growing up in Farmington Hills, Greenfield Village is no stranger to me. I’ve been there many times, and somehow I have never heard this story. I think the fact that a child outed the place as a past funeral home is the creepiest. There is just something about little kids in scary movies that gets to me. They have a weird, special connection with ghosts. The juxtaposition between the terror and the innocence of the children really spooks me.

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