An Innocent Game, So It Seemed . . .

By: Olivia Dworkin

I have always been entertained by horror. When I was a little kid, I actively looked for ways to immerse myself in scary situations. I loved haunted houses, scary movies, ghost stories, and, most importantly, the Ouija board. My friends and I would all get together in a small room, turn off all the lights, pull out the glow in the dark board, and summon the “demons.” We would always laugh about the events that occurred when we were finished, thinking that it was one of us that was moving the piece the whole time just to mess around. I mean, it had to be. Ghosts weren’t real, right? It wasn’t until eighth grade that I had to cut my Ouija board up into triangular pieces and burn it.


It was mid-day. My two friends (who I will call Abby and Jenna) and I got bored and decided to whip out the Ouija board to spice up the afternoon. We turned off all the lights and began to play. We summoned a spirit named Eli. Right from the start, something seemed off about him. He seemed to know facts that made us believe it wasn’t one of us moving the piece. We would test him by having someone sit out, and then ask Eli questions like when person’s grandmother’s birthday was, only an answer the person sitting out would know, and he would pass with flying colors. We couldn’t believe it, so we asked him to give us a sign that he was present. This is when he started to move my blinds back and forth. We began to communicate like that for a while – moving the blinds to the left meant yes, to the right meant no. Everything was innocent and honestly kind of cool at first, but then it got more serious.

You know how when you touch an object that is glow in the dark, and then release it, your handprint is black? I had been resting my hand on the glow in the dark board for a while, and when I picked it up my handprint wasn’t black. It was red. Suddenly, red fingerprints started filling the board until the whole board turned red. Eli said it was his blood. This is the point where Jenna started crying and had to go home. Abby and I were naïve though, and we were still curious, so we continued to play.

At the time, Abby had been dating someone pretty seriously (as serious as you can be in middle school) for two years. Eli knew this. He began to tell Abby that he was in love with her, and that she belonged with him. He tried to tell her that her boyfriend was all wrong for her, and that she needed to break up with him so that they could be together. He even predicted a date that they would break up, and a date that they would eventually get together. Abby started getting upset at this point, so we decided it was time to stop. However, Eli wasn’t done.

Abby kept calling me in the weeks following our Ouija board incident telling me that she kept seeing Eli around. She began to question her current relationship, and actually told me that she started to develop feelings for Eli. Her feelings for the spirit were so strong that she ended up breaking up with her boyfriend of two years for this ghost. She kept on begging me to play the Ouija board again so that they could speak. She said she thought he was the one.

Abby and I drifted apart after this incident because, to be honest, it was too scary to keep in touch with her. I wanted to believe that Eli wasn’t real, but quite truthfully I felt his presence, too. My mom saw that this was tearing me apart, so she told me I could never play with the Ouija board again. She looked up online how to get rid of demons released from the game, and cut up the board into triangles and burned it. Unfortunately, I still feel him around….


9 thoughts on “An Innocent Game, So It Seemed . . .

  1. I used to play with my Ouija board all the time with either my friends or my sister and cousins, and I’m honestly surprised I never really had any particularly scary experiences. I was practically begging for something to happen: playing in my basement, in the dark, asking for signs. I mean, we would get the planchette to move, but never really any signs. We always just assumed someone was moving it, unconsciously or not. It’s so creepy to hear stories where things actually did happen!

  2. This is incredibly creepy! I also played with ouija boards when I was younger – my parents wouldn’t let me buy a real board, so my friends and I made homemade boards and used a paper cup instead of a planchette (it was incredibly crude, which may be why nothing too scary ever happened). The worst that happened was we talked to a girl who claimed that she’d been murdered in my house before my family bought it. Which is certainly creepy (especially when my friend still swears she wasn’t the one moving the cup, even years later, though I’m not sure I believe her), but not anything on this level! I hope that Abby’s okay!

  3. I felt like I was reading something out of a short story anthology when I was reading this; it was so well told! I honestly cannot imagine having a real-life horror story happening to me and having it affect my personal life so much. It’s also refreshing to hear that your mom supported you and helped you safely get rid of the board instead of telling you you’re being dramatic and leaving you to your own devices, which may have ended up with you hurting yourself. Reading other replies, I am shocked that other people had such an intense experience with a Ouija board (or something similar). Every time my sisters or friends and I messed around with one, nothing happened. Now I’m glad nothing did!

  4. This story was so creepy that I realized I had goosebumps by the end! I’ve only played with my friend’s Ouija boards with them a few times and thankfully nothing crazy ever happened to us. I was pretty sure that the whole Ouija board phenomenon was just made up, but your story is making me reconsider my theory! The fact that your friend wanted to date a spirit was the scariest part of this story for me. I know that you cut ties with her, but do you know if she ever actually date Eli? I’m intrigued.

  5. This is so creepy!!! I have always wanted to play with a Ouija board but have been way to scared to. It is crazy that this device is considered a toy and is sold at ToysRUs. Have you felt his presence since? I am super interested in this!

  6. Wow this story was super well-written and very creepy! I have never played with a Ouija board, mainly because they scare me and I have never been presented with an opportunity to. Hearing this story partly makes me want to completely steer clear of them, but it also intrigues me because I would want to see if anything would happen! It’s also strange that the spirit continued being around after you were done playing with the game. Do you ever feel like Eli is trying to communicate something to you or do you think he mainly is around you because of his attachment to your friend?

  7. Oh my gosh this story may be one of the most horrifying stories yet! Growing up my friends and I would always try to play with Ouija boards, but we never ever got any responses, and I truly believed they were fake. I’m beyond shocked by this story and the aftermath of it! It is definitely unsettling to hear about your friend Abby who felt so strongly for a ghostly presence…its bone chilling to me! I want to hear more about your interaction with a ghost!

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  9. Wow! this did not go how i thought it would… i’ve had some frightening experiences with Ouija boards but nothing like this!! I can’t even decide which is the scariest part, the board filling up with “Eli’s blood” or your friend really believe she had feelings for a spirit/ghost strong enough to break up with her current boyfriend…Curious how she explained that to him and her family? I honestly have always been pretty skeptical of Ouija boards but i have heard way too many absurdly frightening stories and I’m starting to believe in them more and more.

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