The Ghost of Residents Past

By: Azalea Hinojosa

I always knew my grandmother’s house was old but I didn’t realize it was 1895 old. It’s been over a hundred years since the building first went up and, for the most part, the exterior remains untouched: reddish brown brick with beige stone accents. The first floor still has the original hardwood flooring from the 19th century. So when my mom joked about the house being haunted, I laughed off the comment with a kind of “Yeah, whatever. Ghosts aren’t real” nonchalance.

I was the oldest of the grandkids present that day. My younger sister and I had left the family gathering on the first floor and made our way up to the third floor, where our favorite cousin Karina, lived. She is 6 years younger than me, and yet we always managed to find things to do that we all enjoyed. On this particular afternoon, we were watching a movie in her room. Or were we listening to music? Who knows.

The three of us sat in Karina’s room, anticipating the arrival of a few more of our cousins. Partly because we wanted to hang out with them, but mostly because we were waiting on them to eat dinner.

“Let’s go check to see if they’re here!” my sister yelled.

She quickly jumped from the floor and ran from the bedroom to the living room where three big windows peered out onto the street below. Karina and I followed, lightly running to keep up with my sister. (Here’s a hand-drawn floor plan of the third floor to give you a better picture.)

floor-plan“I don’t see their car,” she said.

My sister spent a mere 5 seconds looking down at the line of parked cars before running back to the room, almost colliding with me and Karina on her way back. Karina was the next one to arrive at the window, and she took her turn looking out even though my sister had already spoiled the news. Being a good 2 feet taller than Karina, I could easily peer over her head to see that there was no familiar vehicle in sight.

But out of the corner of my eye, I saw something else. In the room adjacent to the living room, I saw a small figure. A person. It was too blurry to make out any details but I got the sense that it was a male spirit. As I turned to look into the room, there was nothing. Am I going crazy or was there really a little boy there just a second ago? I stayed there for a moment, looking at the spot where the boy had stood, wearing all white and staring at me. For some odd reason, I wasn’t immediately scared. I actually wanted to see the boy again to confirm that I wasn’t imagining his existence.

I was the last one standing by the window, and so I made my way back to Karina’s room to rejoin them. I wondered whether I should tell them what I had just seen, but decided against it. Scaring them with this information would end up frightening me even more. Instead, I simply said “Let’s go back downstairs.” Thankfully, they agreed to this.

I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t think they would believe me.

Two hours after my brief encounter with the little boy, my mom bought us food and suggested we eat it on the third floor since it was much warmer than the first floor. I felt safe up there in the company of my grandma and my mom.

As my sister, Karina and I began to dig into the food that my mother had served us, I noticed that my mom kept staring from the kitchen at the living room area.

“What?” I asked.

She quickly averted her eyes from the living room back to the food.

“Nothing, I just thought I saw someone across walking from that second room to the dining room. It looked like a short man,” she answered.

I stopped eating.


7 thoughts on “The Ghost of Residents Past

  1. Wow! This story was extremely fascinating to me. I think your picture of the floor plan was a great addition to your story. Have you ever talked to your mom about this day and what she saw? I have never seen a ghost but have always been curious as to what one looks like!

  2. I agree with the comment above, thanks for the floor plan it was super helpful to imagine where exactly you were seeing the ghost and made me be able to imagine myself in the house. That’s so scary to see that and then have it confirmed by an adult, especially when you’re that young. I wonder if your grandmother has noticed anything since she lives there all the time?

  3. Wow I felt like I was reading something out of a short story anthology with this post. I also grew up in a house that was built in the 1890s. The floors and stairs were creaky and we had an old-fashioned radiator and all the works of an old house, even with a slightly confusing layout like the one illustrated above. But I never experienced anything ghostly in our house. I wonder (like other repliers above) if your grandmother ever noticed anything weird or knew anything about the previous residents of the house. Although the response would be scary to think about it would certainly be interesting to get more information!

  4. Wow, that’s super creepy! I loved the way that you presented this story and the floor plan that you drew was a great touch. The fact that your mother also saw some type of short male ghost really makes your sighting more believable, especially since you hadn’t told anyone about it. Your story totally left me wanting to know what else happened in that room! Has there been more sightings? Did you tell your mother about your experience? Have other people see the ghost as well?

  5. Old houses are always super creepy for some reason! I agree with Sally – I’d also like to know if there have been any more sightings or if you ever revealed to your mom that you saw the same spirit? I also love that you included a hand drawn floor plan, I kept on referring to it for help throughout the story and it was extremely useful. I wonder if the little boy is alone or if he has a family… creepy…

  6. Luckily my house was built in 2000 so I don’t have to deal with ghosts (unless it is built on a cemetery). This story was so creepy, I can’t believe that your mom saw the figure too. Have you guys talked about that night? Have you seen the future since?

  7. WOW! It’s crazy that I can seriously feel exactly how you felt in that moment hearing your mom confirm what you had seen. It’s that half “thank gd im not crazy!” “so It was real!” “I swear I saw it too!” feeling that you just can’t hold in. its half relief knowing that your not going nuts but then half uneasy knowing that there is something bizare like a small boys spirit wandering through your grandmas home. Did you and your mom discuss this? I wonder if your mom had any idea of who the little boy could’ve been. My mom is thoroughly convinced that spirits of past loved ones always return to talk to us through some means whether it be an animal, a spirt, a sign etc.

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