Manresa Castle

By: Charlie DeJonge

picIt was easy to find our hotel, called Manresa Castle, because it sat a few miles outside the town of Port Townsend and we drove past it on the way in. When we saw it from the bottom of the hill the building sat on, it was magnificent. A Victorian style house, complete with perfectly trimmed hedges and a long winding road up to the front door. I was excited to step inside. But once I did, I was oddly uncomfortable. The lobby was dark and musty and filled with 1980s red and black velvet chairs that when you sat in them, could feel the springs compress and press irritatingly against you. It seemed as though only my sister and I noticed the strange atmosphere of the place. My parents were in awe at the colorings and façade and excited to see the style of room.

My brother and I trudged up three flights to our room carrying the suitcases while my mom and sister followed and my dad stayed behind to look at brochures. In front of the door, we easily opened it and saw that it was nothing compared to the “beauty” of the lobby. Two queen beds, an armoire and a window over looking the hill and the town. As per usual in a new room, my brother went looking around and flung open the armoire doors only to stumble backwards on seeing a man’s blazer hung up.

We all gathered around and saw that, in fact, a navy blazer was facing us hung and perfectly creased. No matter though, people forget clothes. That was when my dad rushed up the stairs and exclaimed the hotel had experienced two deaths. That in 302 a man had hung himself and in 306 a woman had jumped from the window. I ran into the hall, and was not surprised to see 306 above our door.

We got back to the hotel after a day exploring and around 10:30, began figuring out sleeping arrangements. Since there are five in my family and only two queen beds, we always have one person sleep on the floor between the beds. It was my brother’s turn. But neither my sister nor I wanted to sleep next to the weird armoire so my parents took the side closest to it while my sister and I went next to the window. With the beds set, we tried to sleep.

Around 12:45 a.m., my mom and dad had to switch their side of the bed. She later said that there was a constant creaking coming from where the blazer was but didn’t bother to look at it. Only an hour later, my brother woke and forced my dad to switch with him saying he felt a constant tugging on his blankets, as if there were hands coming from under both beds and grabbing his blanket. At about 4 a.m., we were all woken by the sounds of footsteps outside our room. It was the sound much like that of a woman in heels. Moments later the bathroom door was cracked open and the toilet began flushing then ceased. Everything was silent until my dad sat up, startled and told us that something was pulling his blanket from under the bed. At 9:15 a.m. my parents woke us up and said that it was a fun night and now we could at least leave Washington. But as those final words came from their mouths, a muffled sobbing began in the bathroom. On hearing it, my dad opened the door to find nothing but the sobs drew nearer to the beds and then farther as they fell to the far side of the room by the window. And then, nothing.


7 thoughts on “Manresa Castle

  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds horrifying! I’m surprised you managed to sleep at all in that hotel room – I honestly think that I would’ve stayed up all night, and forced my family to keep the lights on. This is a fascinating story, I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. This story felt like I was reading something out of a horror anthology, really well-written! I can’t believe you stayed in that room a second after finding out someone jumped out of the window, I’ve seen/read enough horror to know that’s never a good sign! It always is interesting to me when places are haunted and not people themselves. I wonder what other stories people have from staying in that room or the hotel in general. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, what a crazy story! A few summers ago, my cousins and I got lost in northern Michigan due to taking the wrong exit off of the highway. While driving around we found this creepy old building on the side of the road that claimed to be a haunted restaurant. Naturally, my cousins made us go inside. We learned from our waitress that there were in fact many incidences of death that happened on that property but, unfortunately, no ghostly occurrences happened while we were there. However, your experience was truly something else!

  4. I am amazed at this story and all of the above comments. It’s truly a scary world we live in! I have never experienced a ghostly-tangible experience like you, but your writing and description gave me chills. While I was reading it, I was reminded of a hotel I stayed in in Chicago called The Congress. It’s known to be “haunted” and is a big hotel that has frequent visitors. When I stayed there this past year, I remember walking around feeling a sense of unease, as well as nervous given all the long hallways, hidden staircases, and dark mood. However, I never experienced anything like you, and I certainly would not sleep a wink if I was in your shoes.

    • WHAT?! This is terrifying. I’m honestly impressed with how you were able to sleep in that hotel. Have you watched American Horror Story ever? Their last season (season 5) was a hotel theme, and your story reminded me a lot of the show. You should consider watching it! Everything is scarier when you can relate to it on a level like this.

  5. This is so scary, I don’t know if I would have stayed in that room after finding out what happened there! I also wonder how your dad found out about the deaths? It seems weird that the hotel would tell people that. It kind of makes you wonder how often you stay at places where things like this have happened without knowing it!

  6. That is so scary. It kind of reminds me of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode where they have to stay the night in Suite 613. I would be so scared if I experienced what you guys had to. Knowing how scared my family is, they would have asked for a different room and we wouldn’t have had to deal with that. Great story!

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