A Haunted Hello to the Class of Fall 2017!

By: Gina Brandolino

Maybe you’ve found this blog before classes begin; maybe you’re visiting it for the first time after I showed it to you during our first class.  However you got here, I’m glad you have found the Course of Horror!  In case you want to know what’s ahead for us this semester—here’s a just a taste:

  • I’ve added the excellent film The Witch (which was just out in late 2015) to the course schedule; we’ll study it and three other horror films!
  • Are you a fan of online horror? We’ll study three online horror stories—Slenderman, Penpal, and Dionaea House!
  • Ghost hunter Tim Woolworth will visit our class on Halloween! Tim uses a modified radio called a Ghost Box to communicate with the other side, something he’s been doing a long time and has lots of experience with and stories about.

So there’s all that, and much, much more!  Also, this semester will be the fourth time this course will have a blog. For extra credit, you’ll have the chance to add posts of your own and comment on the posts that get put up over the course of the term, and we’ll also be fortunate enough to hear from several “Friends of the Course of Horror” guest bloggers who, while not enrolled in the course, will weigh in on a story we’re talking about or horror in general. Click around on the blog and take a look at past posts and, if you want to be notified when a new post goes up, sign up to receive notifications, which you can do on the menu to the right.

Here’s to a great semester!


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