Participate in Your Own Horror Movie

By: Cole Gerlach

Chances are that if you have been through a local haunted house before, you got to the end wishing it was scarier. By scarier, you probably meant more jump scares and people chasing you with chainsaws. If something is wrong with you and you wished the actors were allowed to tie you up, make you eat rotten food, and torture you in general, then I have the place for you.

McKamey Manor, in California, makes sure you are twenty-one before you are allowed to enter and you must sign a waiver that says they can do anything they want to you. Anything like letting snakes and tarantulas crawl around on your body, binding you and dunking you in water, and slapping and screaming at you. All participants have to reserve a spot and there is no quitting at all (except health reasons). The average time it took to complete a walkthrough in 2013 was two to three hours, but there website now says it takes four to seven hours to complete! The haunted experience is open every Friday and Saturday for the entire year, so there are plenty of opportunities to go.

Started by Russ McKamey, the haunted house takes pride in calling itself an “extreme haunt experience” and I’m certain it deserves that title. I was intrigued with the concept of the haunted house, but then I watched the promo for the 2013 season and that changed my mind. If they were doing this two years ago, they have had two years to make it even more horrifying. They originally allowed anyone eighteen years old or older, but they decided that was too young, and they had to move the age restriction to twenty-one years old. I couldn’t even be paid to go through this haunted house and I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone. If you are interested in this “extreme experience”, more power to you.

I did find it interesting that this haunted house has gotten a lot of publicity from the “haters”. There are petitions trying to get the place shut down and several YouTube videos showcasing the abuse people have received during the experience. I do agree with a lot of what these protestors are saying; the torture some of the people endure is insane, and it seems illegal. Defenders of the haunted house say that since the participants sign a waiver, the actors of the haunted house are allowed to do anything legally. I’m not sure what to think about all of the legal aspects of the problems, but it doesn’t seem right to me. It should be noted though that entry to the haunted house is free, but participants need to donate a few cans of dog food to McKaney Manor, who then donates to them Operation Greyhound.

A part of me wants to believe I would be able to make it through this haunted house, but the other part of me knows I wouldn’t be able to make it through. There are videos that people took after making it through the haunted house and all of them are terrified out of their minds. I would like to know if people have mental issues after making it through the entire experience. I figured I would write this post to spread the word about McKaney Manor to people who want to have a true horror experience, but I have to warn you, it isn’t for the faint of heart.


3 thoughts on “Participate in Your Own Horror Movie

  1. Wow, I think the people who go through this haunted house have to be very excited about being scared! This sounds terrifying to me! However, I’m biased because I had a horrible experience at a haunted house that will prevent me from ever going back to one. I was running away from one of the actors with a chain saw, and I ran into a pole that was bent in just the right way, which left me with a giant hole on my face/chin.Then, I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince people (with blood all over my face) that I wasn’t a monster in the haunted house and that I was actually hurt and needed to get out. Of course, no one believed me, and they just ran away from me. Finally, I convinced one of the actors to get me out of there. While waiting for an ambulance to come get me (I needed stitches), the manager tried to console me by giving me a free hot dog. So now I am scared of going to any haunted house, silly or scary. Props to the people who actually want to go through this one!

  2. HELL no would I would ever do something like this. I don’t even know if I would qualify this as a haunted house or just voluntary torture. I’m actually really concerned about the actors here- I truly believe they must be psychopathic or sociopathic to some degree. I myself have been in haunted houses, and it is fun to scare people, but to torture them and enjoy it, without a safe word? Whole new level of messed up. Watch the “McKamey Manor 2014 (The Manor Wins Again)” video.

    Or look up Blackout in both NY and LA. That one is a psychosexual haunted house that you can get sexually assaulted at and you must walk through alone.. At least that one has a safe word?

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