“Somewhere in the North Woods’ Darkness, a Creature Walks Upright…”

By: Logan Hansen

Though Joseph Guerra beat me to sharing the Legend of the Dogman on this blog by a solid year, I can still share the story about the night some years ago when I may have actually seen the beast with my own eyes.

For reference, as the legend goes, the Dogman only appears every seventh year of each decade, and the famous song that details the history of its sightings reveals it was first spotted in June 1887 by a group of loggers in Wexford County. It’s unclear whether the Dogman, described as standing seven-feet-four-inches tall, is a singular beast or a group of wolf-like creatures that have, throughout history, roamed the dark woods of Northern Michigan. However, whether there is one Dogman or several, it’s clear you don’t want to run into this thing.

That’s exactly what I might have done, though, when I was younger. Three separate incidents that could be related come to mind, all from when I was no more than 10 years old, but probably younger. I don’t remember in which order they occurred, or, honestly, if they all happened around the same time or not, but allow the imagination free reign here.

The first involves the woods behind my parents’ property in Manistee County. Being young and adventurous and imaginative and all of those lovely things, my brother and I would oftentimes journey into these woods and make up games to play. It just so happened that one time we came across a skull. We figured out it was a deer’s, and, upon continuing to walk through the woods, we discovered more of its skeletal frame, scattered about in various places. It was like something ripped it apart and flung the remains every which way. We had no idea what might have done this to the deer, but, as you can imagine, we were both a little creeped out about it.

The second incident I know occurred during the fall because school had just started up recently and we were supposed to be in bed early. At night, we would hear this terrifying moaning sort of noise, and nobody could figure out where it was coming from. We searched the house, looking for all possible sources — like an electronic toy, for example — but came up empty. That was really a lost cause anyway — it didn’t sound like any noise a toy would make. One night, the sounds ceased, and then a day or two later, my neighbor from across the road revealed to my parents that he’d found an injured fawn laying in the woods behind his house. It had been abandoned due to its inability to move and therefore had been sitting there making that god-awful noise and scaring the crap out of us. How had it been hurt? We didn’t know.

Last is what I believe to be my actual sighting of Michigan’s Dogman. I want to say it was summer because I was up late watching cartoons in the living room. I fell asleep at some point and then woke up at like 1 a.m., I’d say. The TV provided the room’s only light and looking outside the window into the backyard, I could see it was completely dark; the moon wasn’t out that night. I sat up on the couch and felt compelled to walk over by the front door on the opposite side of the room. My neighbors had a motion-sensor spotlight beside their house, and as I looked out the window, I could see clearly standing under that light was some thing that was very tall and appeared to be very hairy. I could only make out its silhouette as it was probably like 60-70 yards away from me, but it was there and it was something.

Maybe I never actually woke up that night. Maybe I dreamt the whole thing. But what I know for sure is that I can still see that image in my head as vividly as if I’d just seen it yesterday. And I have no way of explaining what it was that was standing there that night, but the Dogman seems as plausible as anything, right?


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