A Horror Made Just for You

By: Cassidy Gardner


Have you ever wanted to be someone involved with a serial killer either as a lover, little sister or a loyal follower? No? Me either. And yet there are page after page on multiple websites of fan-fictions depicting these kind of relationships. Fan-fictions are stories written by fans of a series or story that contain some or all of the characters of the original story, yet also contain key differences that alter the story itself. Fan-fictions differ from regular fiction in the way that the authors are not actually licensed to use these characters or the story and have to give credit to the original author, no matter how much or how little they change the story. This isn’t to say that these stories aren’t original though! There are plenty of serial killers to choose from. The new favorites are the creepypasta hits Jeff the Killer and BEN Drowned. These previously terrifying characters have gone from distorted, monstrous people to objects of lust, admiration or something perhaps indescribable. Fan-fictions are ways for people to immerse themselves deeper into a story, sometimes literally by inserting themselves, sometimes by just rewriting the story completely. In the case of creepypasta fan-fictions people can live out all the horror they ever wanted to without ever having to truly experience it. For example, should you want to be Jeff the Killer’s little sister you would simply search Jeff the Killer x Little Sister!Reader and you could be launched into a new realm of horror. Frankly, you do not know what you will get when you look into these fan-fictions. Perhaps you will encounter someone’s rape fantasy… maybe a partner in crime… or even the person who finds and kills the serial killer in question! Anything imaginable may have been explored and written in the world of fan-fiction and you may encounter something even more horrifying than the story itself.

Yet, fan-fictions also tend to take these originally terrifying stories in another direction and they do this through original artwork. Taking Jeff the Killer as the example, he is known to be disfigured and purely terrifying and yet the world of fan-fiction has made him an object of desire or at least not so scary any more. This is an interesting tug of war between actual creepypasta and fan-fiction of creepypasta- horror and romance, or at least deep relationships. Can the aspects of one be retained without losing the other? I believe by “de-horrifying” the characters physically yet retaining their dastardly deeds and moderately sociopathic personalities is one way to retain the aspects of horror and to add a touch of the author’s desire as well.

The question that could be asked then is “How is this horror?” Well, I’d argue it’s a different kind of horror, and at the same time not horror for everyone. As a note, some fan-fictions I would not qualify as horror, or at least not scary. Because the authors of these stories have complete liberty with the plot, they can alter the true story of the original creepypasta as much as they want, even changing the stories from horror to a completely different genre. But those stories aren’t what I’m interested in sharing with everyone. The stories I’m interested in sharing are the ones who not only added to true creepypasta but pounce on your true fears, or appeal to your deepest desires and draw you into the madness that is BEN Drowned, or Jeff the Killer. And it is also true that I am not endorsing a single story but that is for the same reason I have just laid out: these stories are for the author and for you. A first person novella of being a random victim of Jeff the Killer may be enough for one person, but for another they may need to be a betrayed lover turned cop, or even a demented little sister. Therein lies the true glory of the fan-fiction. If a horror movie has ever lacked a quality that you wanted, you are sure to find it in a fan-fiction. However, once you start you may not ever be able to go back.



2 thoughts on “A Horror Made Just for You

  1. It’s interesting that people go so far to fetishize and in other ways personalize horror stories. Could it be that some people see the monsters as misunderstood outcasts and sympathize with them? Or perhaps is it to make the monster even scarier by bringing it closer? Either way, Fanfiction as it relates to horror definitely seems to take on a wholly different significance from just typical fanfiction.

  2. This is a very interesting post to me. I did not know what fan fiction was until two years ago when followed a link that my 12 year old sister posted to her “awesome new page”. It brought me to a page where she posted the new chapters to her own personal fan fiction. Although it was not based on a serial killer (it was based on her favorite YouTube star), it was slightly creepy to me simply because she made me the main character. However, was interesting to read how her mind interpreted and fantasized about the actions of someone that she had never met. It’s interesting that writers can use this outlet in order to personalize a horror story/personality that has struck them in some way.

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