Demonic Possession or the Fantastic?

By: Amber Lam



“Nightmare” by Nikolaj Abraham Abildgaard (1800)

A few years ago, during a drive back home after a girls’ night out, my friend told me the following story:

It was summertime, and she was at a party with old friends. According to some rumors, the house the party took place in was supposedly haunted. From spirits and monsters to serial killers and demons, gossip was based on just about anything unsettling. Yet, no one seemed to have substantial evidence to back these claims. Living in a small town with little activity, she figured people were saying these things just to stir up some commotion. The house belonged to the parents of one of the partygoers. However, nobody actually lived in the house; it was kept as a second home, but, more so, as a place of storage.

All together, there were at least fifty people at the gathering. Reunited through their former time spent together in high school, they all got together to catch up and have drinks around a bonfire, for old times’ sake. The sounds of people chattering, drinks clinking, and cheerful laughter filled the air. As the night progressed, the party slowly drifted into the house, shrinking bit by bit as time went on. By 1 AM, there were probably fifteen people left, my friend included.

It was around 2 AM when things began to get weird. She was on the main floor of the house with nine other people, reminiscing over long-lost memories. All of the sudden, someone she wasn’t as acquainted with came running down the stairs. As he stood near the entrance, he seemed anxious, pacing back and forth on his phone. She tried talking with the boy, but he was too preoccupied with calling someone for help. She wasn’t sure if something serious had been going on upstairs or if he just wanted to get home without driving drunk, so she decided to leave the situation alone.

About an hour later, someone started banging loudly on the front door. The unfamiliar boy from earlier answered the door, letting a mysterious man in. As this man stood there waiting, my friend noticed he sported a grey pinstripe suit and a grave facial expression. He remained stoic, but his eyes looked fearful. The people from upstairs finally came down, carrying a girl who was crying hysterically. My friend immediately recognized one of the guys carrying this girl as a dear friend of hers. The mysterious man took the girl away, and some of the people upstairs followed him out the door.

The next morning, she went out to breakfast with him and asked what had happened the previous night. He told her they were all hanging out in a game room, and the girl fell asleep after having one too many drinks. Suddenly, after an hour of being knocked out, she stood up with a blank stare and started speaking in a dark tone, resembling an ominous man’s voice. Staring off into space, she began to speak in an undetectable language. Everyone in the room stopped in their tracks, unsure of what to do or how to react. They watched her and tried to make sense of her words until she eventually dropped to the floor, lifeless. Several minutes passed until she woke up, sobbing uncontrollably.

The girl apparently has no recollection of that night. Most people believe a demonic possession occurred, but some think it was something else. Though it was never overtly discussed, the man in the pinstripe suit was presumably an exorcist, or the assistant of one. After the incident, there was a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy among the partygoers. No one was to ever be on the property again, nor were they ever to speak of the night’s events. After my friend finished her story, I sat behind the wheel feeling awfully unsettled. As we drove pass the exit towards her hometown, I couldn’t help but notice a strange figure standing off the side of the road. Maybe I was just imagining things, but I never brought it up to her and we both sat in a disturbed silence.



2 thoughts on “Demonic Possession or the Fantastic?

  1. Most real life scary stories I’ve heard happen to people are the typical haunted houses or something similar. I’ve never heard someone tell a story about possession. These stories are scarier because the person themselves lose control of there action and identity when possessed. Unlike hauntings, where the person can still think for themselves. I wonder if possessions are more uncommon as they are more extreme then hauntings alone.

  2. This was terrifying… I am not sure if I associate it with the supernatural however. There are many details of the story which I have questions about. Did everyone see the man come in to get her? Did she contact him? Did any of you speak with him, or did you just let this stranger leave with her? It is possible that her drunken speech was just drunken gibberish, but of course, I was not there to hear it. It is also just frighetning to consider the things that can happen when people are under the influence, and even if there is something supernatural occurring, our judgement and understanding of environment is skewed.

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