Reincarnation or Simply Coincidence?

By: Courtney Keller

When I was twelve years old, my great uncle died. I did not know him very well as he was not in my immediate family, but since I was still his great niece; I was at all of the funeral events. I was more than even just present at the funeral events, I was actively involved. At the time, I was simply confused. I was saddened that my family members were upset over the death, but I had not really known him and I was puzzled as to why I was so heavily involved in the events as compared to some of my family who knew him better than I. I asked my mother for an explanation, but she refused to say anything more than the fact that they wanted the whole family involved.

I was always bothered by involvement at the funeral and my mother’s uneasy response to my questions. When I was fifteen I asked my mother again about the funeral, but this time she told me the real reason.

My great uncle and great aunt had two children, but one of them died of mysterious causes. Stephanie, the daughter who died, became ill with a fever when she was seven years old. My great uncle was in the army and the family lived on base, so Stephanie was taken to the infirmary there. Her symptoms soon worsened and the doctors couldn’t help her. The night before she died, she called out for her mother. When her mother came to her she said, “Hold my feet down. They are trying to take me away. I do not want to go yet.” Stephanie did not sound scared as she spoke, just certain that she did not yet want to be taken away. Her mother cried and held her feet for the rest of the night. In the morning Stephanie died. The autopsy report was inconclusive and the cause of death was unknown.

Twenty-two years later, while my mother was pregnant with me, she visited a psychic. My mother was a little weary of going, but she still agreed to it as her sister and mom were going with her. The psychic spoke to my mother about the child in her womb. She said that the child would have blonde hair and that this was not just a normal child. She asked if there was an unresolved death in the family. My mother immediately thought of Stephanie and the circumstances surrounding her death. My mother was the same age as Stephanie when she died and everyone was haunted by her passing. As my mother began to weep, the psychic told her not to be afraid. Sure enough, a few months later I was born. At first I did not look anything like Stephanie, but as time went on my hair turned blonde and I began to resemble her more and more.

Stephanie, age 7, a few months before she became ill

Stephanie, age 7, a few months before she became ill

Me, age 7

Me, age 7










The whole family knew that I was seen as the “reincarnation” of Stephanie and that was why I was so heavily involved in the funeral of her father. My mother was concerned that if she told me this story that I would be scared, but I am not afraid. I do not know if I believe that I am the second coming of Stephanie or if the reason we look alike is because we are family. All I know is that my family is very spiritual and my presence at the funeral comforted everyone.

The main part of Stephanie’s death that has affected me is when she spoke of something trying to take her away. My family believes this was the angels trying to bring her to heaven. I wonder if there is some other explanation for this or if there could have been more information regarding her death if it happened today.


6 thoughts on “Reincarnation or Simply Coincidence?

  1. I do believe in reincarnation, but I have never thought of it happening within one family. Like you said family is spiritual, and it almost seems as if it is too much of a given if this were to happen. However, your story is very convincing and believable. I am a very open minded person, and I fully believe in psychic. Since the psychic approached the topic lightly and subtly, it actually makes the reincarnation more believable. She didn’t outwardly say your mom was pregnant with Stephanie’s reincarnation, but she implied that her baby was special and left the rest to be inferred by the family.

  2. This blows my mind. Honestly, I’ve always been skeptical of this stuff, I mean it makes sense this could happen, but to see it and see the pictures is just shocking. This is such a cool story to tell to people, and it is interesting you don’t feel tighter connections to Stephanie or don’t realize it. You could have parallels to your characters or etc.

  3. This is a very interesting story, and I’m not sure where I stand on this. To look at it from a skeptical point of view, the psychic said that you were a special baby, but she could have said that for any number of reasons. She could have said that just because or maybe to ease your mother’s nervousness. She didn’t actually make any connection to Stephanie, but because of your family’s spirituality, they made that connection. But, again, I don’t really know where I stand on this story.

  4. I don’t know that I believe in reincarnation–I’ve always preferred to believe that nothing will come after death, and that we all just cease to exist. But this is certainly very interesting. It’s eerie though, when people seem to cross over a threshold into the beyond, and know that it’s their time to go. A friend of mine told me that one of her relative’s mothers passed away, and that afterwards the daughter forgot to unlight some candles near her bed. The candles set fire to the tablecloth, but when they came back into the room everything was fine. The tablecloth had only burned up to the place where a small statue of the virgin Mary was sitting. They all believed it was the mother helping out one last time.

  5. I think stories liek this related to family ties always carry interesting themes and coincidences. I do not believe in reincarnation and usually think events like these can be explained by coincidence and logic. That does not take away at all from its power, effect on a person or family, or significance, it just that we differ in modes of explanation. I am sure that your presence was extremely comforting to those around you at the funeral, however, that is most likely due to the young, fresh, spirit of girlhood and love that you bring to them, reminding them how lucky they are to have you when others like you have been lost.

  6. Similarly to Grace, I do not believe in reincarnation and I can explain this happening through coincidence, however, this story makes more sense if explained through reincarnation. I also am skeptical of psychics, but the psychic described seems to understand what is happening and the series of events. I am curious of any other incidences where you felt a connection to Stephanie or if you were similar in personality up until seven years old. Very interesting story. I have never heard anything like it.

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