Asking for Trouble

By: Lana Abdole

A new movie called Ouija was released to theaters during Halloween (the trailer for it is the video above). The movie prompted me to recall what had happened this semester to my brother’s friend Rob, a student at Michigan State University. He is a huge fanatic of the horror genre; he probably has watched every scary movie created and scopes out abandoned buildings at night for fun. He felt like he exhausted everything scary, and wanted something to satisfy his need for thrilling feelings. So one day he decided to buy an Ouija board. He searched through Craigslist and found an Ouija board for 65 dollars and bought it. As he waited for his delivery to show up the original owner of the board sent him an email. In the email she informed him that he must perform a ritual, which was three steps long, or he would have to return the board. She told him it was a very old board and has been in her family for many generations making the ritual necessary.

Since Rob is very into these kinds of things, he completed the ritual. Afterwards he tried to ask questions with it, but initially nothing happened. After a few more attempts it finally answered, “It’s me”. Rob responds, “Who are you?” and the board answers, “It’s me” again. “How’s it going?” Rob then asks, it responds, “Bad”. “Who are you?” “It’s me”. “Who is you?” and then there was no response. After a while, Rob comes back with his friend Chase and once again they ask, “Who are you?” once again it responds, “its me”. They asked again and then they finally got a different answer, it slowly spelled out “Maria”. “Is that you?” they asked, “No” “Did something bad happen to this person” “Yes” “Did you do something to her?” and then something strange happened. The board started counting down “5, 4, 3…” Rob didn’t wait to see what would happen, he took the board as quickly as he could and threw it in his closet. The boys hypothesized that Maria died, and that her death might’ve been related to the Ouija board. Also, something strange happened that night, in the middle of the night, Chase screamed and woke up all his roommates. He said he saw a little girl standing at the foot of his bed, but no one was there by the time his roommates came.

Wish I knew if anything more happened, but this is everything I know. I’m not saying anything horrible happened to them, but my brother hasn’t seen them or spoken to them since Rob told him about the board the day after this happened. I will leave you all with one word of advice: don’t flirt with the paranormal line, or you might accidently open doors you don’t want open.


3 thoughts on “Asking for Trouble

  1. Even though you say you don’t know much about this story, I find it pretty frightening. I agree with what you said about accidentally opening doors you don’t want to open. My friend once told me a story that ended basically with the same moral- don’t go looking for things you don’t want to find. I think that is what makes this story scary. Rob was intrigued with horror, and he was just messing around with that Ouija board. It seemed like fun, and then something actually happened that was pretty scary. It makes you realize that horror is real and not all fun and games.

  2. Did Rob tell you this story directly? Was he with anyone at the time? I tried a Ouija board once too with some friends in the sixth grade, however, there is no exciting story or spirits to tell of. I havent actually spoken to anyone who has successfully used one, but I do find them intriguing. I’d like to know how these boards work and what is the idea behind the explanation. How have they gained such fame?

  3. This story is very intriguing and horrifying. The point you make at the end is an important one I agree with. I fear that once you cross the line into the supernatural, there’s no going back unscathed. I also had a similar experience as Grace where I bought an Ouija board and played with my friends, with no reaction or spirits. It makes it hard to believe this story because nothing like that happened in my experience. Interesting experience though, I’d like to know more details.

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