The Man Without A Face

By: Layla Sareini


What scares me more than anything else is spirits. This is because my religious beliefs claim that they are real. That at all times, we are surrounded by both angels and demons. I feel especially scared by this because I believe that during my early childhood I had an encounter with a spirit. I still remember it so clearly, but I was so young when I had this memory that I’m still not sure if it was just a dream or if it was real. I wasn’t even walking at this age but the image of that man has been burned into my memory since then.

I was in my crib, or at least I dreamt I was, as I am not entirely sure. I was wearing all white, in my white crib. All four walls were as white as they could get and I was locked in my a white door. You see, my room at that age was white, as was my crib, but my door was brown. As I lay in bed, I hear the heavy footsteps of someone approaching my door. As a toddler I would naturally be excited to have someone come get me but when the door knob began to turn I felt there was already someone with me before they got into the room. The door slowly opened and a tall man dressed in a white suit stood before me. He was almost as tall as the seven-foot door. But this wasn’t strange compared to his lack of a face. Instead of having a face, his head just emitted a soft white glow. He said nothing. For what seemed to be hours he just stood there as I stared back. For some reason I didn’t scream back or even show the slightest bit that I was scared. Then finally, he began to walk towards my crib. His long legs made his trip from the door to the bed incredibly quick. He rested his hands on the wooden frame of the crib and tilted his head towards mine. Although he lacked a set of eyes, I still felt him staring at me. Then he lifted one hand and slowly reached for my face. He covered my face with his large soft hands. My eyes were now covered and while being scared wouldn’t be uncommon in a situation such as this, I felt at peace.

This is all that I can recollect of that day. Whether it is was real or a dream is something that I always think about. I also think about what that being was. Whether he was pure or evil. I like to think that maybe it was some sort of a guardian angel. There are times though, when I consider the possibility that it may have been an evil spirit. I don’t like to think about that though because then I become consumed by the fact that it covered my face. Why would evil surround an innocent baby?


6 thoughts on “The Man Without A Face

  1. Honestly, I think it was some type of good being, since when he touched your face you felt at peace and calm. He also had a white glow and was wearing white, which also supports a good being, in my opinion. And even if you don’t remember if it was a dream or real, I don’t think it would matter because it could have been real in either context. Since you say you grew up with beliefs that angels and demons exist around us, I think it may have been your “guardian” angel or some type of protective angel telling you that he was there for you. So again, whether it happened in your mind or in reality, it was still him presenting himself to you and letting you know of his existence.

  2. I agree with Katelyn, whether it truly happened or was a figment of your imagination, there was still a representation of a spirit in your mind. I also agree with the fact that this spirit was a good spirit. You felt a warming presence, which is extremely important. Furthermore, the fact that a stranger entered your room and you did not react in a panic is remarkable since babies are only familiar and comfortable with their parents. You should cherish this memory. It is a unique one and clearly speaks to your religion. There is definitely someone out there looking out for you, and hopefully one day you can meet again.

  3. Whether this is memory or dream, it is interesting that it comes from such a long time ago. I think this says something amazing about the capabilities of the human mind; the things that disturb us, move us and change us never leave our consciousness. I have dreams from being a young child too, as well as some memories, and i can never truly distinguish the line between fact and reality, whether I have created these images or whether they truly happened.

  4. Yeah, like mentioned before, the fact that this is so etched into your memory shows that whatever it was, it had an impact. And whether it was in a dream or it wasn’t it may have still been a spirit. I especially think that since you remember it so vividly that this is a very distinct possibility. I’ve also always believed that because children are more open to such experiences, that they are more likely to be approached by spirits or ghosts, making me also believe that it was very possible that this experience was not just something your mind dreamt up.

  5. As stated above, children are more susceptible to spirit encounters due to there pureness I believe. At the same time memories remembered at that young of an age tend to usually be incorrect memories than how it happened. So it could’ve been a dream, or more stuff could’ve happened that you don’t remember. However, I don’t think it matters whether it was a dream or not cause spirits could still come into your dreams and still be at some level real, regardless whether it was a dream. I have some memories like this and always wonder if there is deeper meaning, which I do believe there is.

  6. This is very interesting. I would like to believe that this spirit was a type of guardian angel. I have felt like I have encountered a spirit, but it was never visual, just an internal feeling. I wonder if it was someone who knew you, visiting and dropping in on you in the middle of the night. The only way we can really know if it was truly a being that visited you or if it was a dream is when we leave this world. Truly a mystery!

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