An Extra Guest

By: Hailey McCormick


I’ve always believed in the supernatural, or at least the idea that ghosts are able to interact with humans in the real world, mainly because of the weird experiences my family and I have had in our house. When we first moved in, I was in the 4th grade. Everything was normal for a long time — there were none of the usual signs of a haunted house that you see in movies. When my Grandma came to stay with us a few years later, though, weird things started happening that I still can’t explain to this day.

First, the CD player started to randomly turn on at full volume, usually when I wasn’t in the room, and the old radio in the garage did the same. We figured this was just an electrical problem, but things just got progressively weirder from there. Soon after that, my mom told me one morning that she’d had a hard time falling asleep, and was watching TV to try and fall asleep. Unable to reach the remote, she said quietly to herself, “This channel sucks.” Immediately after she said this, the channel switched by itself. Another time, my sister and I were sitting with my brother in his room, when we heard someone playing guitar, or at least someone plucking random strings on a guitar. Since I was the only guitar player in the family at the time, this was definitely strange. We followed the noise to my room, and after bursting the door open, my guitar, which had been leaning against the wall, fell to the ground. At this point, we knew there was something weird going on.

One morning, I was washing my hands in the bathroom with the door open, and I saw my sister walk past me into her room. I followed a few seconds later to tell her something, but realized no one was there. I found her at the other end of the hallway in the dining room, where she was eating a bowl of cereal. After I told her what had happened, a piece of her lucky charms that had fallen on the table jumped from the left to the right by itself, moving about an inch. At the time, we both just sort of looked at each other, our way of saying, “Well, that was weird,” and moved on, choosing to ignore it.

The weirdest and most unsettling occurrence happened within the last few months that my grandma lived with us. Everyone was sleeping except my mom and grandma. They went into my sister’s room to turn her TV off, because she usually sleeps with it on. As they were walking back down the hallway, they heard it turn back on. They turned around and turned it off again, chalking it up to the usual weirdness of our house, and went downstairs to my grandma’s room. (This is going to sound insane, but they swear up and down that it happened.) They walked down to find that a trash bag that my grandma had filled with clothes was now sticking to the static of the TV, and the clothes were in a pile on the middle of the floor. The following night, we admittedly tried to have a seance to connect with the spirit in our our house (we used candles and everything) but had no luck.

Now, I know I probably sound like a complete whacko, but my whole family can testify that all of this really happened. Weirdly enough, most of this stopped when my grandma moved out about two years later. I think that was going on in our house wasn’t harmful, and was perhaps just a spirit’s way of making itself known. I believe this spirit was somehow attached to my grandma, since it was most active while she was here, and nothing really happens anymore. Maybe we just had an extra visitor during her stay!

In the comments, feel free to share any weird or unexplained experiences you’ve had. Click here to visit a site where users submit their experiences with the supernatural, and it’s interesting to browse through!


7 thoughts on “An Extra Guest

  1. Wow this is quite the post! Hearing stories like this always rattles my mind because I am still trying to figure out my stance on ghost/human interactions. Admittedly I have never had a supernatural experience of my own, but I do know a few people who have stories similar to yours. A friend of mine had told me once that every time he and his family stepped in their house they would feel a strange weight on their bodies. When they had enlisted in the help of another family member who was supposedly adept at dealing with supernatural occurrences, she had told them that their house was filled with very evil, jealous spirits, and went on to attempt to rid them from their house.

  2. This was pretty interesting, but I had a different take on the ghost. Maybe it followed your grandma and wasn’t part of the house? Was there ever evidence of a ghost with her before and after she lived in the house? Just another thing to think about.. I have never had an experience quite like this one, but I have seen a ghost before standing in a very old historic cemetery in my hometown. Nothing scary happened, just freaked me out a little. I’ve also heard many stories like this one, like there was a ghost in the house my aunt lived in and it would just move things around and turn lights on and off, but again nothing scary. Sometimes I find myself more intrigued by harmless ghosts than by actually scary ones.

  3. Katelyn made an interesting point about how sometimes she is more intrigued by harmless ghosts than by actually scary ones. I find this interesting but I don’t think any ghosts are actually “scary.” In fact, the reason their spirit still remains in the physical realm is because they are unhappy with the way their lives ended. That being said, ghosts do have the power to control how much they make themselves known. This is what I think you mean about scary vs non scary ghosts. Some are more angry than others and want to disturb the new owners of their home. Others are frustrated and sad loved ones that simply want to stand by the lover they left behind. I think this could have been the cause for your grandma. Hailey, did your grandpa (grandma’s husband) pass away?

  4. How terrifying to see that someone actually has witnessed supernatural events occur in front of their own eyes. We often hear of haunted houses and creepy occurrences but the creepy events in your house happened while you were standing right there. I am interested to find out how your grandmother reacted to these happenings and if she is still haunted by this “ghost.” Was she followed by this spirit before she moved into your home? Like others have commented, it definitely seems like it could be a harmless spirit that is attached to your grandma (did she have any pets?). Fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn violent like so many horror movies predict!

  5. I think it is interesting that most people’s experiences with spirits are associated with homes. This speaks to the fact that even in death, people find their place of rest and shelter in the same place they did in life. The strange instances you descirbe, with the TV and CD player for example, do not suggest that the spirit is evil, but merely just wishes to make her presence known. How do most spirits living in their old homes feel, i wonder? Do they wish to evict the new inhabitants or is it simply a matter of sharing?

  6. I have had a similar experience of walking into certain rooms when the television is on and no one has been home for hours. Sometimes I will turn on the TV upstairs and it will randomly turn on in another room. However, nothing as creepy or frequent as your experiences! I wonder if you could ask your Grandma what she thinks it might be. I’ve also been interested in how you get in touch with the spirits that could have been in the presence of your family. I have the same question as JoJo about whether your Grandfather passed away. That would make sense to me. EIther way, the supernatural is intriguing but I’m glad nothing harmful happened!

  7. Its always cool to hear stories from someone who actually have had these encounters with spirits. I believe in spirits but not sure about the interactions, more because I chose not to believe them. What interests me about your experiences was that the spirit only seemed to be active while your grandpa was there. I wonder if there’s history there. Has your grandpa ever mentioned anything that could answer why about the timing of the spirits activity?
    Also, props to your family and you for living in that house. Personally I don’t know if I could, granted I’ve never experienced it. However, if it was a harmless ghost maybe it just wanted to be noticed. I believe sprints have reasons to stay here, I wonder what the history behind this one was.

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