Wir Sind Alle Freaks

By: Courtney Keller

*Spoiler Alert*

Come one, come all, it’s a Freakshow! American Horror Story is a television series on FX and each season has a new horror to premiere. Season one was a haunted house, season two an asylum, season three a witch coven, and finally season four a freakshow! It is set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952 and follows one of the only surviving Freakshows in the country that is clearly dying out. It is also cross sectioned by a dark entity in the town that threatens the lives of both the freaks and the townspeople.

This season has many different elements of horror. One of the first being the “freak” element. Many of the characters in this season could be seen as almost human monsters. Some of the main human monsters or freaks are a woman with no legs, the tiniest woman in the world, a man with seal arms, a transgendered giant, a bearded woman, a man with “lobster claws”, and a two headed woman. One of the interesting aspects of American Horror Story is that many of the “freaks” are real. This may be unconventional and controversial, but I believe it really adds to the storyline. The Freakshow does not show the people in the Freakshow as different or especially freaks, but that there is a little freak in all of us. The tagline for the season is “Wir sind all freaks,” or we are all freaks in German, as the main ringleader (Jessica Lange) is a German citizen that moved to America.

The part that makes this season most terrifying is the murderous clown running rampage through Jupiter. We first get a look of the clown as a young couple is having a picnic. In the beginning it appears that the boyfriend had hired the clown as he said he had something special to ask her, but things never are what they appear to be and the clown ends up murdering the boy. The clown has also murdered a few other victims in the town of Jupiter, but no one has caught onto the fact that it is a clown just yet. As we talked about in class with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, women and children are seen as pure and innocent. Although women and children are what Mr. Hyde attacked, the clown did not kill women and children, only men. The clown has kept the girlfriend of the boy he murdered and a young child in his trailer. It seems as though the clown just wants someone to enjoy his tricks and when they do not he gets very angry.

The first episode was so packed full with information and horror that I can hardly imagine and maybe do not want to imagine what will happen in the rest of the season. This season seems to be scarier and have much more gore. I am sure all of the viewers are in for a big surprise! So do not waste anytime and watch FX at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays! You won’t be sorry……or maybe you will be.


9 thoughts on “Wir Sind Alle Freaks

  1. I too am a huge American Horror story fan, but I must admit that when I had heard this season’s setting was going to be a freakshow I was a bit worried. While I have nothing but confidence in Ryan Murphy’s writing abilities, freakshow seems fairly similar to asylum of season 2 in the classification of the main characters as “freaks” with something wrong with them whether it be mentally or physically. However, I do have high hopes for this season and I’m excited to see how it unravels!

    • Just an interesting fact that I am not sure if you have already heard, but “Freakshow” was seen as what happened before asylum. Pepper is the only character that has been in more than one season. Asylum was set in a time after these freakshows were shut down and the people in them were then sent to asylums.

  2. I have been waiting anxiously for this season to start since the end of season three! I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes. The clown is definitely one of the creepiest characters they have created on the show, in my opinion.

  3. I think the idea for a freakshow has a ton of potential for the season as circuses and freakshows seem to be the place where people run away. It’s where people who are just going, go. It’s the “island of misfit toys” it the strangest sense. These people have banded together as outcasts, however instead of hiding (ex: Black Hole) they put themselves on display and who knows what sort of creepy strain that will end up having on the characters throughout the season.

  4. I am really excited for this season! I think what adds to the story is what you said in the original post, that the show is pointing out the little bit of freak in all of us. It makes that part of the story much more realistic, which I believe makes the rest of the show much more realistic. I also believe that the clown being the murderer is the scariest part of all. A lot of people are afraid of clowns for various reasons, and the show will be so much better and scarier for those people since it’s a realistic story that includes a clown murderer. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this season.

  5. I have never actually seen an episode of American Horror Story, but just from the trailer I can see it would be something I thoroughly enjoyed. It seems to be a very tasteful way to present horror, which actually makes it more terrifying. The Freakshow aspect of this season arguably makes it scarier than the haunted house, the asylum, and the witch coven in previous seasons. All these other settings are common themes in horror, but the horror of a freakshow does not get normally investigated. What makes it the scariest, is what Courtney mentioned about us all being freaks in some way. The show presents freaks in a physical manner, but illuminates the fact that there are freak aspects within all of us, which makes us delve deeper into answering who we are and what exactly makes us “normal” if there is actually such a thing.

  6. As with every season before this, I think that this season has started off with a lot of potential for a great season! I just hope that Ryan Murphy doesn’t lose himself and abandon his story lines as I feel like he has with some of the other seasons of AHS. I love the show, but I don’t think that the second of third season lived up to their full potential. I’m very excited to see what happens with the two separate story lines they seem to be running right now when they eventually converge. Fingers crossed that the rest of the season is as phenomenal as the first episode was!

  7. I have not watched American Horror Story since the first season but, this post is hooking me right back in for season four. The first season was heavily focused around the horror of sex and what bad omens it brings. It is comparable to the bad omens brought on to Chris and Rosemary in Black Hole and Rosemary’s Baby. It will be interesting watching this season and seeing how it compares to other various texts we read in class. We will get what already seems to be a misunderstood monster or not I cannot wait to see.

  8. I was never able to get into the first season of American Horror Story–a few too many needles for me–but after reading this I might just have to take a look at the newest season. The fear of clowns, and the common way that circuses are used in horror stories interests me. I have to wonder why, exactly, we end up taking something that’s supposed to be fun and exciting, and finding terror in it. With a freak show, of course, I can understand it. We fear difference, so while people may go to a freak show intentionally, their entertainment comes from finding it grotesque and abnormal–the same way we often feel when watching horror movies. Clowns though…I mean, I’m scared of them too, but why? I’d really like to find out sometime what exactly is behind that.

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