By: Ryan Song

You know how sometimes you have a dream that is so realistic that you remember it forever? I once had a dream like that about the house I lived in back when was in Australia. The house was a small one-story house sitting on the side of the top of a hill, with a driveway that declined into the depths of the garage and a balcony outside the front door that overlooked the garage (see image below).


One night, I had a dream where I looked through old newspapers and found an article about the house, which detailed how it used to be the residence of a mass murderer who killed his victims in the garage and was eventually found drowned in a nearby river. People who lived in the house before my family have reported seeing bloody footprints appearing to “walk out” from the garage at dusk, immediately followed by creepy occurrences around the house such as seeing the ghost of the murderer.

Shocked, I went to report the details to my mother, but I noticed my grandfather standing on the balcony looking at the driveway outside. “It’s happening again,” he told me without taking his eyes off the driveway. I looked outside and noticed some marks on the ground. Under the blood red sky of the setting sun, it looked like there were bloody footprints making their way up the driveway.

I ran into the living room to tell my dad who was watching TV and eating peanuts, discarding the shells into a nearby trashcan. I recall seeing a bloody hand reaching out from the trashcan towards him and when I rushed over and kicked the bucket over, the hand retracted back into the trash bin. It was water that spilled out, no hand or peanut shells.

My dad refused to believe my words, and frustrated, I ran to tell my younger brother, who was taking a nap in his room at the back of the house. I breathed a sigh of relief when I entered the room and saw that he was still safe and sleeping. But when I got closer to wake him up, I saw something strange. There was a bald man with dark eyes lying behind them in the same bed. His dark eyes seemed to stare at the back of my brother’s head and as he reached a clawed hand over my brother towards me, I woke up. My heart was pounding so fast that it felt like my bed shook in unison with each beat.

In the morning I had explained the dream I had to my family, and I laughed with them about how unrealistic it was and how even in my dream, my dad was still so glued to the TV (like he always was), completely oblivious to the hand reaching up to him. After breakfast my brother and I headed downstairs to wait for my dad to take us to school, but I saw something on the driveway that stopped me dead in my tracks.

There was a stain a few meters from the garage door (just like the stains in the picture). It was a stain that had always been there since we moved into the house and it was something I saw every day when I walked in and out of the garage, so I never really paid attention to it. However, when I looked at it that morning, I noticed that it looked like a footprint.


8 thoughts on “Footprints

  1. This gave me CHILLS. For most of the post, I’d forgotten you said it was a dream, and I kept thinking, “this CAN’T be real”—so it was such a relief to feel like I’d woken up when you got to the “the next morning” part. And that (along with what you did with changing the rhythm of your final sentences) made the shape-of-the-footprint revelation at the end so powerful. CHILLS, I tell you!

  2. p.s. I meant to mention the REASON I’d forgotten it was a dream: the matter-of-fact tone and the You Are There feeling. I wonder, too: did the real picture of the house make me more susceptible to believing the dream part?

  3. Even though this was a dream, while reading this I was reminded of story my friend’s aunt told me. She lost her 4 year old child after a horrible accident and she said afterwards at night sometimes, she would see little small footprints on the porch. Whenever I hear these kind of stories it just opens up the topic of ghosts and whether or not they exist. Whether or not some people can’t move on to the other side and remain in this world. I feel like if you delve deeper into this subject, you never know what you’ll end up finding. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  4. This was a truly scary story to me since I rarely have nightmares, and I can’t imagine someone having a dream like that. The fact that you found the footprint the next morning makes me think your dream was somewhat real, and continuing with Lana’s comment, I wonder if some horrible murder took place in that house or there are vengeful spirits living there. It would be interesting to do some research on the house, but again like Lana said, you’ll never know what you could find. If you do conduct research and find out your dream was based on real events, that could open the door for those spirits.

  5. This sounds absolutely horrifying to me. The worst part of nightmares, I’ve found, is the absolute helplessness in the them. Unless you’re one to have lucid dreams, you’re trapped believing whatever nonsensical terrors your brain dreams up, and what’s especially terrifying is when those terrors cross over into reality, like when your mind took the footprint-like shape that you see every day and made it into something much more sinister. It can almost make you doubt your own reality.

  6. I wonder if by seeing the stain before it was already subconsciously in your mind. As dreams are the royal road to the unconscious it is fitting that you had this nightmare. I wonder what else was going on during the time that you had this dream that could have possibly triggered the thoughts for the rest of the dream. Dreams are always very scary as they have a way of staying around after you have already waken up. The immediate danger is gone, but the haunting of the nightmare is not. I wonder if that is why the stain then began to resemble a footprint, whereas before you never noticed that.

  7. This story really creeped me out! I have been know for having specific, intense nightmares, but none have been as detailed as the dream you have described. I have noticed in my personal experience, that the people in my dreams are usually the opposite of what they are like in reality. The people you rely on to help you and trust you, such as your family, are different people in the nightmare and you can’t figure out what is wrong which is stressful. For example, in my nightmares, I run to my Mom but she just sits silently and stares, which is the opposite of her anxious and upbeat personality. Very Interesting dream!

  8. This was really scary. I think the idea of murders happening in a place is terrifying and hard to ignore. I cant imagine how i would have felt hearing a similar story. I want to hear more about it. Did you continue to see things? Did your parents ever believe you?

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