Wanna Play a Game? “The Outbreak”

By:Olivia Smyth (Horror alum, Fall 2013)

We all know what it feels like to watch a horror movie, and yell at all of the characters, trying to give them advice on what to do next. It’s almost as if we think we could do it better, or that the movie producers purposely make the actors and actresses stupid. Well here’s our chance, our one chance to prove that we would survive if we were placed into a horror scene or not….


Do you think you have what it takes to survive the outbreak? Well, I guess you’ll see.

I found this online game as I was browsing the Internet for different horror movies and stories. I read a few reviews and thought, sure why not. I had nothing to lose except for maybe a few nights of peaceful sleep, which was not on my mind the moment I typed in the web address. To put it briefly, let’s just say I spent the rest of my night playing this game trying to figure out how to make it out alive.

One monster alone would be horrifying; however, in this online game, there are multiple monsters all of the same form, zombies. This allows the audience to imagine any human that they know, family member or friend, turned into one of these frightening creatures. They appear as corpse-like humans that move in slow motion and are covered in blood, which isn’t exactly the best image to go to bed thinking about. Another thing that makes zombies incredibly horrifying is that there is no solution to really get rid of them because you can’t kill them due to the fact that they are already dead. Zombies are not going to stop until they are satisfied, which is when they receive a human.

The visualization, interactive format, and zombie creatures made this game hard to quit. Playing this game, you become the character of the movie, you become the victim of the horror, and it’s only a matter of a timed decision that chooses your survival. Oh yeah, did I mention the decisions that you have to make throughout the game are timed? I’m an indecisive person, so that’s something I struggled with. You will get so pulled into this game, so captivated by the sense of urgency; you won’t want to stop until you figure out how to survive. Then you’ll realize that just like all those movie characters, it’s not so easy after all.

Again, here is the link for the website: http://www.survivetheoutbreak.com. Also, there is a new interactive movie, which is also an IPhone Game, from the same creators of The Outbreak, called Bank Run. If you like The Outbreak enough and are super eager for more, the link for this one is www.bankrungame.com.


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