Thanks for a Great Semester, and Happy Holidays!

By: Gina Brandolino

This is just a quick post to say thanks to my Fall 2013 class for a great semester, and thanks especially to everyone in the class or with us only virtually who helped to make this blog so fun to follow this term!  I suspect the blog will be a little quiet until Fall 2014, when I am slated to teach Horror again, but I hope you all will continue to follow the blog, comment, and maybe even write posts, if you are so inspired.

Also, I want to confirm that yes, indeed, it is snowing on the blog and will be until just after the new year!  Go check it out if you have not already. Finally, I want to not so much recommend as make sure you know about the horror-holiday hybrid movie called Rare Exports.  It’s a Finnish movie, and while the trailer is interesting, it doesn’t tell you much–you may want to read the brief synopsis here. It’s definitely a movie that gives us a different take on Santa, and the Finns have, well, a special way with movies (see also this Iron Sky trailer).

Happy holidays to you all!


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