Accepting the Paranormal and Supernatural Worlds

By: Paula Moldovan

You know that moment when you read or hear something and you just know that it’s real? You know it’s real because you try to think of possible counter arguments and you just can’t think of any. This is the conclusion I came to after Gina described “Electronic Voice Phenomena” or EVP in class today. I have to admit, I am (or was?) a huge ghost hunter skeptic. Every time I flipped the channel to find a show on paranormal activity I immediately changed the channel. I figured, why waste my time on a “reality” show that is clearly not real? Raised in a culture that is skeptical of all things paranormal and supernatural, it takes some serious evidence for me to believe in these things.

Before Gina played the EVP recordings in class, I was expecting something really obvious and scary. But the recordings shocked me. The fact that they, at least those that we listened to in class, were nothing like what I expected really got me thinking. The voices that were recorded were mostly calm and none were malevolent. The voice was either soft spoken, sad, unsettled, or simply average. The fact that there were so many recordings of EVPs on the Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters website and the way in which these voices are recorded (unheard by the living in the room), was very intriguing. I left class thinking about what I had heard but that was it until later tonight.

The recordings had completely escaped my mind until after dinner when my thoughts drifted back to the EVPs. As I was thinking about what the recordings meant and how they had been recorded, I could not avoid the obvious and unavoidable conclusion: these recordings had to be real. How else could they be so common? Why would someone go back and tirelessly record “ghost” voices over recordings. The Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters are not advertising their website for publicity; they simply share these occurrences with others for the sole purpose of sharing what they have discovered during their research on the paranormal world.

Now don’t get me wrong, this being said, I do not plan on watching ghost hunting shows. As the paranormal world becomes more real for me, especially after this semester, ghost hunting shows would just be too scary. While I may recognize the paranormal, I do not necessarily want to interact with them.


9 thoughts on “Accepting the Paranormal and Supernatural Worlds

  1. I was never really a fan of the ghost huntung shows either. The EVPs however did make me wonder if these recordings made in certain areas that were believed to be haunted or if they were made in or everyday places. They did kind if surprise me too because normally ghosts dont seem to be so calm

  2. I do not watch the reality ghost hunting shows. I wonder, though, with the EVPs if we are hearing what we want to hear. That is, we don’t hear them until we are told what we are supposed to be hearing. I’m still highly skeptical about the paranormal but I agree, it is definitely nothing something we should be messing with and getting to know.

  3. I agree with your point that the EVP’s were different than I was expecting. I guess I was nervous to hear them at first because I thought they would be really scary, like the ones you hear in movies where the devil is talking in that scary, undecipherable voice. However, after listening to them I realized that they don’t seem scary at first. As you said, they sound like average people. However, this is even scarier when you think about it. Why are these average people stuck in our world, making impressions on EVP’s? That’s something I just don’t understand.

  4. I totally agree with Serena. Though I do indulge in the ghost shows, I mostly watch them for the “history”/ghost stories and also to watch grown men scream and run when the wind blows. I can never actually hear what the EVP says until I see a subtitle or someone tells me, and I think people can train themselves to pull words out of random noises; just like McCloud says we can make faces out of two dots and a line.

  5. I am with you with your skepticism towards ghost hunter shows. I think you have a very interesting outlook on these recordings. I think it is all very spooky so I almost turn a blind eye to the paranormal world because the unknown is a scary concept for me. I appreciate your outlook on these recordings and agree with what you are saying that they wouldn’t record over them to make it seem as though there are ghosts.

  6. I first heard about EVPs for the first time on a ghost hunting show. I was flipping through the channels, and it was the only semi-interesting thing on. But I soon changed the channel because I didn’t really believe in ghosts. Like you, however, now I don’t really know where I stand on believing or not believing in ghosts. This class has opened my eyes to so much in the realm of horror, I don’t really know what to believe. Everything I was sure didn’t exist has been challenged by this class. Do you feel this way too?

  7. This is a really good point, I didn’t think about it at all during class when we were listening to the EVPs, but now that you bring it up it makes sense that these wouldn’t be fake because of the monotonous and average work that would need to be put into them and for no profit or anything. That simple fact makes them so much scarier for me and now I might need to go back a re-listen to more of them. Thanks for getting me thinking further about this cool but really creepy phenomenon!

  8. I actually really like watching shows like Ghost Hunters, but even as a believe I too sometimes think things are waaaay too perfect. But sometimes things that don’t even seem possible, like a flashlight clicking itself on and off, occurs and it’s pretty scary. Then again, those can be rigged too.

    As for EVPs, I have a little recorder that I used in high school as I worked on the newspaper. My little sister tried to get me to use it in my room to see if ghosts would respond, and there was no way I could do it. I believe in the ghosts, but I don’t want any further evidence to prove that they are there.

  9. I agree with you about ghost hunting shows. If someone puts that on the TV, I always complain because I think all of it is a joke. I do believe in ghosts but I think shows like that are purely for publicity. I had never heard of EVPs before so watching these in class was really interesting. I like your point of view about the reality of EVPs but I still don’t know if I believe it. I could barely hear some of them but your points seem interesting.

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