The Spirits of Dartford Cemetery

By: Mitchell Shapiro

2For the past nine years, I have spent a majority of my summer weekends at our lake house in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Green Lake is my home away from home, my escape, a slice of heaven and my favorite place on earth. It was a safe haven that no one could take away from me, but one summer night, that feeling of safety was obliterated, when my sister, brother and I visited The Green Lake Cemetery.

Our first summer at the lake in 2004, our neighbors can down to greet us, and told us a horrifying story about the history of Green Lake Cemetery. The legend follows: Green Lake was created in 1847 and built on an Indian Reserve. It was rumored that the land was unable to be fairly bought from the Indian Tribe, so the new settlers unfairly traded with Indians, trading 50 square miles for a couple bags of guns. The Indians realized their mistake, but could not trade back for their land. Because of this, the Indian Chief’s spirit still roams around the cemetery, protecting their land.

The second horrifying part of the cemetery is the spirits of children. In Green Lake, tragedy occurred when a school bus full of children was stuck on the railroad tracks, and hit by a train about 20 years ago. The town pooled money together to donate a monument in the cemetery for the 45 children who passed away. Supposedly, these spirits haunt the cemetery and when you sit on top of the monument, the spirits of the children will push you off.

3So being young and adventurous kids, my siblings and I wanted to see if this story was true. My sister, little brother and I jumped in the car, and drove to the cemetery. We parked around the corner, and began to walk to the cemetery. Three mischievous kids were about to walk into a cemetery at midnight, a voice stops us right in our tracks. “Hey! What are you kids doing?” I will not lie, my stomach dropped to my toes when I heard that voice and shrieked like I’ve never shrieked before. We sprinted back to the car. Was it the Chief? No, it wasn’t. It was a lady in her 40s walking her dogs with her husband. We couldn’t go back to the cemetery for weeks, although we wanted to so bad. It wasn’t until the last day of summer that we mustered the strength to go back.

On the night we went back, we took three laps around the cemetery to make sure no one was there, and once again, parked the car a block away. We began to walk to the cemetery, and my little brother got tripped by a branch. Was this the chief? We couldn’t think about it, and just continued on. We tip toed into the cemetery and saw the children’s monument. I was the first to climb it. I sat on the ledge, and suddenly, began to slide down. I hadn’t moved an inch on my own.

As time has evolved, so has the story of how the chief and children’s spirits have arrived. This story is the recounting of the story my neighbor told us nine years ago. Here are some links that tell the story of the spirits that haunt Dartford Cemetery a different way:


10 thoughts on “The Spirits of Dartford Cemetery

  1. Wow I give you a lot of credit for actually going to the cemetery and especially climbing the monument. For some reason I always find child ghosts to be the scariest of ghosts, and I’m really not sure why. Maybe because the first horror movie that ever terrified me to the point where I couldn’t sleep for weeks was The Ring and its about a dead little girl who kills people with her eyes. As much as I love reading horror stories and watching horror movies, I try to avoid putting myself into real horror situations at all costs – staged haunted houses included – but to each their own! Great story!

  2. I am terrified of cemeteries so there is no way that I would’ve ever gone to visit. I guess I would’ve been curious too but I would’ve made my siblings go without me. That’s really interesting that this one cemetery is haunted by two different stories. I wonder if the children and the chief ever interact at the cemetery? Or if the chief is angry that the children took over a lot of the importance of the cemetery? I’m definitely interested to research more about this. Thanks for telling your story!

  3. My siblings and I definitely would’ve been too scared to go into the cemetery, and to sit on the monument. Did you feel like someone was pushing or pulling you down? Was it slippery or slanted in any way? It’s really creepy that the cemetery is haunted by children. Like Sammy, scary stories with children are always the worst for me. I just can’t imagine someone so young and so innocent being scary. Do you know if the children or the chief are known for haunting the cemetery more? It might be interesting to bring a tape recorder if you ever choose to go in again and see if it picks up any EVPs.

  4. I actually love cemeteries, and I think it’s pretty unlikely that there are spirits wandering around them. What business does a spirit that can’t move have in a cemetery? Unless they were buried incorrectly, or disturbed in someway. Though cemeteries can be pretty creepy after dark!

  5. I love you guys were so scared you confused a 40 year old lady with an Indian Chief’s ghost! I would have been far too freaked out to go back. There is something about Native American ghost tales that chills me straight to the bone.

  6. Great story! I actually have a similar one in which I visited a cemetery at night with friends in middle school. We were actually scared off just as we got there by a deer crossing the road. I think when we know we are about to go into a scary situation, our senses are so heightened that everything is frightening and we attribute everything to a supernatural being (like tripping on a stick). I’m curious, when you began to slide off the monument, did you feel anything push or touch you?

  7. I am absolutely terrified of cemeteries. I believe I’ve heard this story before in regards to the legend or something very similar. Did your brother or sister feel the same thing and what did you do afterwards? Did you feel like someone pushed you?

  8. Wow. I would have been so scared to go to a cemetery at midnight to tempt spirits. You and your siblings were brave to do that! I think it is first-hand stories like this that really make people question the paranormal world. It is nearly impossible to believe that it doesn’t exist after hearing something first hand about something that could not have been a coincidence. Really crazy and interesting.

  9. I don’t think I could ever go into a cemetery at night. As my own blog posts show, I’m believe in ghosts, and I don’t want to do anything to antagonize them. The fact that you knew there were reportedly ghosts in the cemetery and still went shows how brave (or stupid) you are. I think it’s interesting that your friends and you kept getting it into your heads that anything may have been caused by the spirit of the chieftain (such as the branch), because it shows how fear and stories can get into our head. The fact that you did move on the children’s monument is really creepy for sure.

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