Seeing Is Believing…or Is It?

By: Jazmine Wells


After watching the Marble Hornets Videos, I come to understand that it seems as if the more you knew about Slenderman, the more likely Slenderman was to come after you, and the more likely you would begin to see “things.”  This happened after Jay tried to figure out what happened to Alex.

A few days after watching the Marble Hornet videos, I went to work.  I work in Mary Markley Residence Hall on the ground floor in the Housing Information Technology Office.  Sometimes, I have to do work out of the office in the Community Learning Centers (CLC) in the residents halls, all over campus.  There is a hallway on the ground floor in Markley in which my office is located, (a long spooky hallway that isn’t very well lit, see picture above) that I sometimes have to walk through to get to the CLC in Markley.  A lot of times, I hear noises (the elevator, the blinds at the loading dock garage blowing in the wind, the washing machines, or someone moving equipment) when I’m walking down the hallway.  Whenever I’m required to walk down the hall way alone, I walk quickly, often checking over my shoulder to make sure no one is following me.  This day, I had to go to the CLC in Markley to count the number of outlets because my supervisor and I are preparing to remodel the CLC in Markley.  After doing this, I had to make a run out of the office with my supervisor; however, I went into the CLC alone before meeting up with my supervisor. While in the CLC I received a text message from my supervisor that said “Come on, we are waiting for you”.  I responded back by saying “I’m coming”.  I began walking down the spooky hallway to go back into my office to meet with my supervisor so we could leave.  At the end of the hallway, my supervisor walked past and waved her arm, signaling me to come on, wearing this black sweater that she typically wears everyday because it is usually cold in the office.  I get to the end of the hallway and she isn’t there anymore, and of course, I think nothing of it because the door to our office is a few feet away.  I swipe my M-Card to get back into my office and my supervisor is inside with a green coat and hat on, ready to leave.  I said to her “Wow that was fast”, and she responded by saying “What do you mean?”.  I reply, “You were just at the end of the hallway”.  My supervisor responded, “No I wasn’t”.  I said, “I’m not crazy, I just saw you in your black sweater waving at me to come back”.  She responded again and said “That wasn’t me” and laughed as if I was telling a joke.  The person I saw at the end of the hallway looked EXACTLY like my supervisor, had her hair in the same style my supervisor had her hair, and walked exactly the way my supervisor walks.  I know everyone that works at the loading dock (because my supervisor introduced me) and the black sweater that my supervisor wears is unique, I haven’t seen any other sweater like it.

This definitely left me confused. If I didn’t see her (my supervisor) at the end of the hallway, then who was it? Is it possible that what I saw was a symptom of watching the Marble Hornets videos?


6 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing…or Is It?

  1. That is very spooky. I could not walk down that hallway without getting the creeps and feeling the need to walk very fast, if not run, down it and look over my shoulder the whole time. Imagine if someone was actually walking behind you. How would you react? Clearly the person you saw was not your supervisor. Even if she was pulling a prank on you, she would’ve told you eventually that it was her you saw. I don’t know if you really saw anyone. I think your mind may have been playing tricks on you and you let your fear of the hallway get the best of you. Did you see the figures face? Or could it have just been a figment of your imagination?

  2. I used to work in Markley and I agree: that entire side of the ground floor is terrifying. I remember not even wanting to go to the CLC to print work things. I’m really glad I do not work there anymore after hearing your story! Freshmen do not look tend to look like supervisors so it makes a doppelganger less than likely. Hopefully your supervisor was just playing a joke but if not that is very strange and you are brave to go back there!

  3. I think all dorms are creepy and there’s no way I would want to be on the ground floor for any reason. I’m wondering if maybe your supervisor was playing a joke and she actually was just in the hallway? Or maybe someone else just recently bought that unique black sweater? I hope you never encounter something like that again. I would not know how to handle that and I probably would be afraid to ever go back.

  4. You’re very brave to keep going back to work after that! I wonder why whatever you saw decided to pose as someone so unique and familiar to you. Did you follow the person? Do you know where or what they wanted to you to see? Was your supervisor wearing the black sweater that day? Super creepy!

  5. Do you think it is possible that your supervisor was playing a mean joke on you? There really is no other logical way to explain it. Also, did you ask her about the text messages? I thought the text messages were really creepy, and almost reminded me of Dionaea House’s “THE DOOR IS OPEN.”

  6. When I started reading this and saw you were writing about Markley I was really hoping that it was going to be a spooky story like this. I lived in Markley last year and am a night owl so I was frequently the last person awake. I would go and brush my teeth at the other end of the hall by myself and often felt a presence around me, like someone was behind me or watching me. It is scaring me as I write this to think that maybe in fact there had been something there all along. Crazy to think about what you could have seen. Really scary!

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