A Hawk Visits Horror Class

By: Gina Brandolino

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This hawk stopped by for a good chunk of horror class yesterday!  I can’t quite pinpoint who noticed it first, but once we knew it was there, within seconds we were all awestruck.  I’ve never seen so many iphones appear all at once so quickly, all pointed towards the window to document our visitor. The pictures above are courtesy of Ariel Roberts, Paula Moldovan, Jazmine Wells, and Ashley Berry.

The hawk was a welcome change from our last visitor (a bee which, on account of recent readings, threw the class into a panic).  And at least we weren’t studying “The Birds.”


3 thoughts on “A Hawk Visits Horror Class

  1. I looked up the different symbolic meanings a Hawk can have, and the one that I found most interesting was the believed abilities of someone with the Hawk as their spirit animal. Here’s what I found:

    The hawk and connection with the spiritual realms
    When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have a natural inclination to receive visions, either in dreams or awake. Your extra sensory abilities and intuition are supported by the power of this animal.
    The hawk totem is strongly connected to the spiritual realms. When it shows up in your life, you may be called to pay attention and experience rapid spiritual development. As you develop your relationship with your totem, you may be inspired to feel your connection with spirit more fully.
    Hawk symbolism in ancient traditions
    In numerous traditions, the hawk has a strong relationship with the world of the gods. Some of this symbolism has persisted in modern mythology and beliefs.
    In Ancient Egypt, the belief was that a hawk-headed spirit called “ba” would fly off a mummy to come back among the living as a hawk or swallow. The hawk symbolized a part of the soul that would be freed up after death and come back to the world of the living in the shape of a bird. It was also the animal of choice for the god Horus, god of the sky, who was represented with a hieroglyph depicting a falcon or hawk.
    The popular belief in more modern times that birds like hawks or owls are announcer of death may be rooted in this myth.
    For the Greeks, the hawk and the eagle were associated with the god Jupiter, king of the gods. The bird is strongly connected with the realm of the gods.

    Coincidence that the animal that visited our horror class is connected in ancient beliefs with the spirit world? Hmm…

    This was according to the website http://www.spiritanimal.info/hawk-spirit-animal/

  2. Sammy, what an awesome list! Hawks are pretty sweet on their own, but adding all this supernatural potential just makes them better. I think the animals are trying to make their case to be included as a new unit in the class.

  3. I’ve heard things about hawks being symbolic in regards to spiritual realms, and I’ve also seen a couple of movies to support this.

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