Could Horror Films Be a Window to Another Realm?

By: Alec Lafontaine

After viewing the movie “Poltergeist” and reading Amelia’s blog post about the strange “curse” that seemed to be surrounding the movie, I was reminded of a YouTube video that revealed some strange coincidences that happened on the sets and after the filming of certain horror movies. The movies it examined are “Poltergeist”, “The Omen”, “The Amityville Horror”, and “The Exorcist”. These movies all share a common thematic element, a demon. In “Poltergeist” the representation of the demon is the unnamed beast, in “The Omen” it is Damien, and so on. It seems as though a story that revolves around a dark or malevolent force that is closely related to the devil causes these strange occurrences on sets and they tend to get worse the more closely related to the devil the story gets.

While some people may not be scared of anything that has to do with demons or devils because of their religious beliefs, I am terrified of them. They are the sole reason that I find ghost and haunting movies far more terrifying than any slasher film. It seems as though writing stories about these demonic forces may be allowing them to attack the ones making the film about them. It is almost as though the more you believe or find out about these spirits and the more closely related you become with them the more likely they are to attack (strangely similar to Slenderman). While curses and demons may not be your thing or even something that you believe in, heed my warning. You need to know what you are dealing with.

The special effects artist working on “The Exorcist” said it best, “…we were playing around with something that we shouldn’t have been playing around with.” If these films are creating a window that allows any sort of spirit associated with the movie to “cross-over” into our world then maybe it is a good idea to get the movie blessed by a priest before beginning filming. Or at least do something to guard against these strange happenings. So many strange things happened on the set of “The Exorcist” that they called in a priest for an exorcism of the set and he refused. There is also a chance that these strange happenings are warnings from the spirits on the other side to stop delving into something that we, as earthly beings, really know nothing about, the afterlife. While one can imagine what the afterlife is, regardless of what you believe it is, do you have any solid evidence that you are right? Maybe these coincidences are the fault of humans letting these things through and into our world where they wreak havoc on those who have written about them or dealt with them in film. Or maybe it is something trying to warn us to not get involved with anything to do with the devil or the afterlife because we are uneducated in the realms of these subjects. Or maybe they are all just coincidences, no matter how boring that sounds. That is up to you to decide.

This is the link to the video.


9 thoughts on “Could Horror Films Be a Window to Another Realm?

  1. I totally agree with you that getting very involved in the filming of these types of movies could potentially allow people to cross over, especially if any rituals are performed. Do you think this could apply to also watching horror movies? One of my roommates is pretty religious and she refuses to watch any scary movies with me because she believes that watching horror opens a window for spirits/demons/after-life forms to haunt you. She gets pretty upset when I watch horror films because she honestly believes I am putting myself at risk….I don’t know how to respond to her and I sometimes think she isn’t too crazy for thinking that

  2. I think involvement with this sort of thing could cause issues. Especially in movies where they hold rituals or something. Whether or not they were doing it for a film, they probably had the ritual set up and actually did it, so maybe they ended up opening up an access point. It makes me think of all the weird things that happen in movies and other events. For example, there’s the superman curse, where any guy that plays the role of superman either dies suddenly or is horribly injured. And then there is the idea that the reason the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank was because it was also transporting the mummy of a pharaoh that had curses written in his tomb to affect those who entered it. Lots of strange things happen in this world, although some may be coincidence, I think others are caused by the choices we make.

  3. I do not believe in coincidences this big so, to me, this post it is extremely creepy. I had no clue that Poltergeist or any movies had curses that went a long with them until our class discussion. I think it is extremely important and interesting that all of the curses you mention have to do with the devil and the afterlife. Like you, I believe that the more you believe in something supernatural, the more likely they are too attack. In one of my other classes, my teacher asked us if we believed in UFOs and alien abductions. I do not believe in them, but I do believe that people who do are more susceptible to thinking they are being abducted, or actually abducted. These curses definitely could be attributed to the movies getting too close to the devil and the afterlife, investigating something they have no clue about.

  4. I believe in demons and the devil, simply because I believe in God. I definitely agree with you when you say ” the more you believe or find out about these spirits and the more closely related you become with them the more likely they are to attack” I remember I was doing a paper on famous people making deals with the devil in order to become famous, and while researching this topic, I read on a lot of occasions that people in the industry would “disappear” or “die” after attempting or preparing to expose the “truth” about the music industry. I won’t say which artists were involved in this but this definitely scared me, to the point where I wanted to change the topic of my paper, because I was afraid that if I found out too much and then shared that information with other people, that something might happen to me.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I totally agree with you, I believe that the more you delve into the realm of demons and the Devil, the more likely it is you will become its next victim. I never thought about the connection to Slenderman, which of course makes it all the scarier. I think that there’s definitely too much evidence that these things are not just coincidences. Great post!

  6. I find it hard to believe that so many crazy things happening like that can all just be coincidences. It’s more than just that because these things continue to happen. For example, the plane crash thing. Plane crashes aren’t something that happen everyday. They are rare occasions. So, for three to happen in a row like that and that two of the people involved with the movie just happened to be on those planes. There is no way I can convince myself that those plane crashes were a coincidence. I think stuff like this is so interesting and I would love to investigate these things in the future for fun.

  7. wow this is a really interesting thing to consider. I’m not really sure what I believe. You have to wonder what happened specifically in these films that allowed for this and why it doesn’t happen in other places, like a book for example. Touchy subjects like the devil are frequently the topic of horror so you have to wonder what specifically must have been done in these. I really cannot decide what I believe but it is a pretty strange coincidence that terrible things happened in all of these situations.

  8. After reading this, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to watch horror films anymore. After all the bad luck associated with those who were involved, I do not wish to have that extend onto viewership. I do not believe in supernatural things, but there is too much left to coincidence to feel comfortable. Perhaps we should stop creating movies where the devil is very obviously in it; never seems to go well.

  9. I’ve seen things about happenings on set of horror movies like The Exorcist and Poltergeist before, but I really had never thought that the sets of movies could be a bridge for another realm and letting things pass through. With examples like in the video, it’s very convincing that it could be true. Filming for these movies should stop after one occurrence. Even watching movies seems like it could be a window to let evil things in. I’ve seen so many movies and after many of them, have thought that the monsters in the movies would follow me, especially after seeing demon/ghost movies. Those scare me the most because they often end with the ghost or demon not actually being exorcised or rid of and it makes me think that these things are out there and now after watching the movie, I could be affected.

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