House Hunting becomes House Haunting

By: Sammy Scoggin

There’s a new website that I think all of you horror junkies out there will appreciate. It is called and it allows you to look up any address and see if someone died in that house. The site does charge a fee of $11.99 for each search, a fee that I am very grateful for because it swayed me from typing in my own home address and bringing any of its potential hidden horrors to life.

This site was created from more of a real estate standpoint rather than one of horrific curiosity. Past deaths and the stories behind them can have a significant impact on the property value of a home, and thus affect homeowners, potential buyers, sellers and real estate agents. In the margin of the website’s homepage it says, “ saves you time and money, by instantly providing you with the valuable information you need to be better informed.” The co-CEO and president of the website is Ron Condrey, who came up with the idea for the site after discovering that his own house was haunted. “It occurred to me that a service which told people who died in their homes before they moved in would be popular. It’s harder to find things like this out than you think,” Condrey said. According to the online newsletter called The Grosse Pointe Patch, has actually helped homeowners obtain financial benefits from learning that deaths have occurred in their homes. One example of this is Janet Milliken, a woman who discovered that a murder-suicide had taken place in her recently purchased home. She then proceeded to sue the realtors for failure to disclose information about the history of the house. So maybe this site will be beneficial to anyone in the hunt for a house right now (cough cough Gina), or maybe you’ll just use it because you want a good scare.

Personally, I would rather not know if my house is haunted by past deaths, I prefer to remain blissfully safe in my ignorance. But if you’re willing to spend a whopping 12 dollars to have your mind filled with the potential ghosts inhabiting the halls you walk daily – whether it’s for fulfillment of curiosity, financial benefits or a desire to be scared of every corner in your home – then be my guest:

Use it wisely.


13 thoughts on “House Hunting becomes House Haunting

  1. You are 100% correct, that fee is straight up saving my sanity or else I would’ve typed in my own house (I am not prepared to move out). I know in certain states, sellers have to disclose recent deaths to buyers, but this website appears to be way more thorough. How did you happen to stumble upon this website? I am definitely saving this for when I have to buy a house of my own, especially after taking this class and all the creepy houses that we learned about.

    • I found it in an article in a local newsletter than my mom gets and she forwarded it to me thinking that it might be interesting for my horror class, and she was right!

  2. That is so cool! I was just thinking the other day after class that I would be really interested in finding out if anyone has previously died in my house. However, you have thankfully convinced me into not doing this because I think you’re right when you say that I would be scared of every corner of my house. It would be interesting to just read stories about other houses that I have been in but don’t live in but I wouldn’t want to spend money on it. I will definitely check this website before I move into any house though. Thanks for saving me from moving into a haunted house in the future!

  3. After reading your first paragraph, I immediately clicked on the link. Although I would never pay the $12 because that is a huge ripoff, I do think that this site is pretty cool. Like you, I have absolutely no interest in finding out if my house is haunted because I will never forget it. I would constantly be scared in the one place I have felt completely safe my whole life, so no thank you. But this website would be great for horror buffs. I’m sure there are people out there who would love to live in a haunted house, and this website can make their dreams come true.

  4. Sammy , this is very interesting, and from a legal standpoint, very useful. I would like to know if someone passed away in the house I was living. My moms house, the previous owners died in their sleep of old age. Not very haunting but it happened never the less.

  5. I think it’s actually really useful, and probably money well spent when looking for a house. Not because of potential hauntings though. My next door neighbors both died of cancer and both died in the home, knowing something like that would prompt me to have the house checked out for potential carcinogens, and maybe the other houses in the neighborhood. So I would definitely ask at every house. Plus, who wants a ghosty hanging around?

  6. Thank you for telling us about this website! I have a complete obsession with finding out if my future home/apartment is haunted. Growing up, I lived in a house we built so I was never scared about ghosts. However, I LOVE the charm of old houses but am wary of what may have happened inside them years ago. I would never want to risk buying a house that is haunted, so I actually see myself using this site in the future.

  7. I definitely believe my house is haunted (I wrote a blog post about it), so part of me has always wanted to know whether or not someone died in my house to help back up my family’s beliefs. But that $12 definitely makes me not want to do it. Plus I don’t know if I’d be able to go home ever again if I knew the truth. Definitely helpful for the future though, since I definitely don’t want to move into another haunted house.

  8. I’m a real estate agent in Illinios. We do not have to disclose a death in a house, or if we know the house is haunted….It is for the buyers agent to find out, but the sellers do not have to disclose.
    Having said that, I have had 2 instances of ghostly encounters in the month of October. One was a house I had listed for sale. The sellers mentioned loosely that they had a ghost, but didn’t really go into it and didn’t press for information. The house sold, but the deal fell through,and the sellers decided to just stay in the house until after the holidays. As I was leaving the house after picking up my signs and tell them goodbye til the new year, (they were walking ahead of me down the stairs to the front door with their dog,) a dog toy started squeaking in the middle of the floor with no one near it! My eyes almost popped out of my head, my mouth open in a big “O” as I looked at the selling couple…they looked back and smiled and said, ” You get used to it!”

    The second instance was with the same couple, as we were leaving a home they were looking to buy. As we were leaving, and I was trying to close and lock the outside door, it openned alittle and them slammed in our faces! I had my hand on the door knob and it pulled itself out of my hand first, then slammed! Again, I assumed the paniced “did you see that!” face, and again they were not suprised!

    After 10 years in the real estate business, I’ve been in hundreds of empty houses by myself, but now I am just alittle nervous! I wait for others before I go into basements and attics!

  9. The fee definitely stopped me from typing in my address. Before I was born, my mother bought my house from two really old people that lived their previously (my mother doesn’t know what happened to the people she just knew the house belonged to them before she bought it) so I’m definitely glad there is a fee. But I do think the site is useful and that people should use it if they are really that interested in finding out what happened before they moved into their houses.

  10. This is very interesting. I wrote a blog post on the ghost of the woman who still lives in our house and I wonder if she actually died in our house or not. The fee definitely stopped me from looking but also I am not going to look it up because I do not want to scare myself but it would be interesting to know.

    I worked in real estate this summer and it was really interesting to see the things that deterred people from houses. Finding out who lived in the house before me, I don’t think, would be something I would think of before buying a house but I can completely see how this could greatly deter potential buyers.

    Really great concept for a site. One thing that I am wondering is how they could possibly keep track of every single house and which houses have had people die in them. Very interesting.

  11. I think $11.99 is a bit pricey to be checking if a person has died in a house, but it could be worth it if it ends up with your house being haunted because someone had died there long ago. When I was little, I would hear noises and feel my bed shake, which made me wonder if anyone had died in my house before and was haunting my house (I actually asked my mom if anyone had). I don’t think I would really want to know though because it would make me scared to sleep in my own home for fear of a haunting or ghost present. Although, it would come in handy for when I’m house hunting myself. I would definitely like to know whether or not someone had died in a house I was interested in so that if there were, I would not be choosing that house.

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