Fact or Fiction?

By: Kelly Nguyen

In light of recently having Slenderman as a topic of discussion in class, I had a flashback to when I first heard of Slenderman. My brother was the one to tell me about him. I was so freaked out after watching what seemed like hours of Marble Hornet videos and other Slenderman videos on Youtube. I decided to show my friend Laney since she shared my love for scary things and movies, but this was one thing that freaked us out more than anything. Since my brother failed to mention that Slenderman had been created on Something Awful Forums by Victor Surge, which I learned from class, we believed he was real. After a while though, we managed to forget all about it and go on with our lives, until my friend came over one night, clearly shaken up, to tell me of something that had happened to her involving Slenderman.

She was in White Cloud, Michigan with a few friends, one named Spike, at a cabin in the woods hanging around a bonfire. She told me that Spike was hardcore into supernatural things and he knew that Slenderman freaked her out so he decided it would be the perfect time to educate her some more in the middle of the woods. He told her he had something to show her so they left the bonfire and went deeper into the woods. He told her he knew how to make Slenderman appear. He said it worked the same as summoning a ghost or demon except with Slenderman, you had to call him by his real name (which she couldn’t remember) three times like Beetlejuice or Bloody Mary. Naturally, she started to freak out as he called out the name the first time. She tried to run away, but Spike grabbed her and made her stay because, apparently, Slenderman couldn’t hurt them. Then when he said the name a second time, she broke free and ran as fast as she could back to the cabin, but as she was running, she heard him say the name a third time, and refused to look into the trees. A few hours later, they were sitting on the roof of the cabin and she had this weird feeling so she looked into the woods. She said her heart dropped and she had to blink a few times because she couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it, but there he was. Slenderman was standing maybe 50 yards away from them in the shadows of the woods, just staring at them. She says that he was around for the rest of the night, seeing him every time she looked into the forest until the sun came up.

When I heard this story, I didn’t fully believe her. I didn’t believe that Slenderman could be real, I just thought that her mind was playing tricks on her. She was in the woods at night after all. But then I remembered my brother telling me that if you think about Slenderman too much, he would come after you. Also, that even if he wasn’t real, since a mass of people believed in him, their belief breathed life into the story and he became real. That horrified me, so I made sure to try to never think about Slenderman again – until I took this class. It brought back all these memories and fears that I had managed to forget. So what I want to know is: does anyone believe my friend’s story? And what are your thoughts on it? I’m very skeptical about it, but she claims it was real and still haunts her today. I believe it can’t be true because if she had, he would have stalked her, like in the Marble Hornet videos.


11 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction?

  1. First off, Laney’s friend, Spike, sounds like a real hoot. I would not have ran away, there is safety in numbers…right? As your brother said, if you keep thinking about Slenderman, he will find you. In this case, I think Laney’s brain was playing tricks on her and she interpreted skinny trees or branches to be Slenderman.

  2. I’d be more like the guys in the slenderman is a bad room mate video. Lets just start yelling at him asking why he teleports around and just stares at us. Like I always say, human monsters are what I’m worried about. I’d punch slenderman right in the face!

  3. I don’t fully believe your friend’s story, but that does’t mean it didn’t give me the creeps while reading this post. Slenderman has been the scariest story for me that we have studied in class. I watched Slenderman while I was alone in my room and I was completely freaked out the whole time. I think that your friend let her fear get to her head, and had a possible hallucination of what she thought was Slendeman. Sometimes, there is nothing more frightening than our own minds.

  4. I agree with Alana that our own minds and thoughts can be the scariest things sometimes, and I think that’s the exact purpose of Slenderman. No one knows what exactly he does that makes him scary or what threat he might present, so we create in our minds all the potential and horrifying damage that he can do. Giving him this power over our minds makes it so that the more we think about Slenderman, the more often we will see him and contemplate him being around, thus the scarier he becomes. That being said, I’m gonna stop writing this post and try not to think about him anymore because, like many of you, Slenderman scares the hell out of me – easily the most terrifying story we have experienced this year in my opinion.

  5. I don’t believe your friend’s story at all, but that doesn’t negate the fear she felt, like you said, her fear made him real for her. I have found myself in my room looking at my door just imaging him gliding in like in the video, and that scares me even though I know Slenderman is fictional. At the place I work there’s a chair that’s angled toward a window that can be seen from the office, passing cars reflect sunlight onto the wooden legs and when I’m alone in the building it looks like someone pacing back and forth from the corner of my eye, and even though I know exactly what it is and what I’m seeing it still terrifies me.

  6. While I don’t think your friend actually saw Slenderman, I believe that she “saw” him in her mind by freaking herself out enough to see things in the trees. Actually, I didn’t think Slenderman was at all scary when we first watched it for class, but I have been thinking about him a lot lately since I’m writing my second paper on the Marble Hornets video. As I was leaving my house for the library the other night, I was brainstorming different monster theses I could write about that applied to Slenderman. I was walking up the hill on Catherine and it was just getting dark. I was looking down at the ground and noticed something on the sidewalk next to my foot. It was a black tie, like the one Slenderman wears. I have been so freaked out since then. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but still….

  7. Whether or not it was really slenderman, I would be absolutely terrified, as your friend was. I live in the woods and I refuse to look out my windows at night for fear of seeing something I don’t want to see (whether that’s big foot, a creepy guy watching me, or even slenderman). While I don’t know if it was slenderman, the fact that she kept seeing someone makes me think that she was telling the truth about it. However, it could be her friend or a friend of her friend that was standing outside to scare her. As you wrote, people breath life into slenderman, maybe by becoming slenderman themselves. But who knows, maybe he really was out there.

  8. I don’t know if I believe her. It seems like whenever he appears, he does always stalk and stay around whomever he is after. But at the same time, your friend probably did see something. It would be different if she only saw whatever it was once or twice, but if she continuously saw it all throughout the night until sunrise, then I think her story has some truth to it, I just don’t necessarily know if it was Slenderman, since he seems to stalk his victims and you didn’t say anything about your friend continuously being stalked by the figure she saw in the woods, but then again who knows? Slenderman isn’t exactly a predictable monster.

  9. Petrifying!!!! I don’t necessarily think that just because he didn’t follow her doesn’t mean that it’s real. Your friend did not get as involved with Slenderman as the characters in MarbleHornets did. The episodes that we watched really, really scared me because of how real they seemed and how vulnerable I felt. I felt like he was going to come after me after watching it. I don’t know that I fully believe your friend but I think I do. I don’t think I have any friends who would let it go for so long if they were joking. She could have just thought she saw it though. Sometimes when you’re scared you think you see or hear things that you don’t actually. She could really believe that something in the distance was actually Slenderman. Its terrifying to think about and you’re probably right that we should just block it out of our minds…..

  10. I think that the fear slenderman, or any monster for that matter, creates is entirely in it’s victims head. People become afraid of monsters like Slenderman because once hearing the story, the believe that they can make any experience/thought relate back to slenderman. But that is merely because once you heard the story, you have the ability to relate it back to something, So i agree with everyone else, it’s in our heads, and that you completely have the ability to block it out

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