The Ghosts in My Home

By: Ariel Roberts

I grew up in a two-story house in the woods and I have always felt scared in it at night. I felt as if something or someone was at the bottom of the stares, watching me. The stairs are placed in the middle of the house, and it made it horrifying for me to go from one side of the house to the other late at night. However, I always assumed that I freaking out over nothing.

When my older sister left for college, I moved into her old bedroom, and things became weirder. When my bedroom door is open, it looks onto the stairs, and late at night I would always feel as if someone was standing in the doorway, watching me. My cats would often suddenly wake up from sleeping on my bed and stare at the door, as if they too, thought someone was there. This common occurrence freaked me out, so I made it a habit to close my door whenever I was sleeping. Not only that, if I ever left my closet doors open, I would feel as if someone was standing over me, watching me in my sleep. I could never feel comfortable in my own room, and would often go to sleep with the TV on.

One day, my older sister suddenly told me, “Oh, by the way, your bedroom has a ghost in it.” I looked at her in shock, then told her about the weird feelings I had. She said she had the same feelings. My younger sister jumped in, saying, “I’ve seen a ghost by the stairs.” I thought it was just my overactive imagination, but to find out that my family members also believed ghosts were in the house made me feel better.

Over the years I’ve come to accept the ghost or ghosts in my room. We don’t know how many ghosts are in the house, but we’ve decided that the one by the stairs and the one associated with my closet are female. Nothing bad has happened besides feeling as if I’m being watched or a few things being moved in my room, such a pair of scissors suddenly appearing after I searched my entire room for them. However, even as an adult, I never feel completely comfortable as long as my bedroom or closet door is open at night.

While cleaning my closet this past summer, I discovered that when my sister was in my room she had carved an inverted pentagram and a symbol that was made popular by the film, The Blair Witch Project.  I instantly messaged her on Facebook asking her what the hell this was. She told me that she had put those in the closest for the ghost. My sister had never before mentioned that she thought it was associated with the closet, like I had. This shocked me to no end, and I decided to try to please the ghost by changing the symbols. While in general, Pentagrams are considered evil, originally it was the inverted pentagram that was bad, not a regular one. So, I took a sharpie and drew a heartagram over the inverted pentagram (which is technically not a real symbol, but I thought it might work), a regular pentagram, and I used the Blair Witch symbol as the “fire” part of the circle of Chinese elements. I thought that all of these combined might allow the ghost to finally be at rest. After doing so, I felt oddly calm in my room, but maybe this was just my mind using what I had done as a way to bring myself peace. I came back to Ann Arbor a few days later, so I have no idea whether or not it truly worked. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when I go home for break.


15 thoughts on “The Ghosts in My Home

  1. That is so creepy. You mention you are now “okay” with ghosts casually chilling around your house watching you; I, on the other hand, would be begging my parents to let me move far far away. While I do not know much about symbols, I do know that just doing something that is similar to an act that is “maybe supposed to work” will calm you. You sort of feel like you have control over the situation by having a full understanding of what the danger was and how to fix it.

  2. You and your sister are very brave for trying to appease the ghost. I’d be too nervous about accidentally inviting something worse in. That’s awesome that you and your sister were able to confirm each others’ stories. And your cats’ reactions seem to indicate that there’s definitely something supernatural going on.

  3. That’s really interesting that you thought of putting up things in the closet in order to allow the ghost to finally be at rest. Also, I agree with you that it makes it better when others are having the same thoughts and experiences. It’s comforting in a way because then you know you aren’t crazy and you aren’t just imagining things. I have always been afraid of my bedroom door being open and closet doors too because I always make the images I see in the dark something scarier. For example, I would see a towel hanging on my closet door and I would think it was a person. I always would have to tell myself that when the lights go off, I need to close my eyes because whenever I opened them, I would imagine things.

  4. I’ve never heard of people put stuff in their closets to makes the ghosts rest. I definitely understand why you would do that though, as it provides you with a sense of comfort. When I was little, I was scared there were monsters in my closet. So every night before I would go to sleep, my parents would spray something (usually Frebreeze) in there saying it kept the monsters away. This sense of relief allowed me to sleep. So I get where you’re coming from.

  5. This story is so creepy. I can also see the top of the stairs from my room in my parent’s house and now when I am home I will probably have to shut the door to feel comfortable. I am wondering if you know any more about the timing when your sister originally drew the symbols in the closet. Do you think it is possible that there wasn’t a ghost in the closet before but that the symbol invited it in?

  6. This is an intriguing story. Ghosts are a peculiar thing. Like I have said before, I would have to have a physical confrontation with a ghost to be scared of one. However, it would be annoying to not feel comfortable in your own room. I hope the ghost is gone and you can relax when you return on break. If its not, try carrying on a conversation with it and see if there is some kind or response.

    • I’ve actually refused to attempt talking to the ghost because I don’t want any more proof that it exists. I used to watch a lot of ghost hunting shows, and so I’ve learned about Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), and I’ve never been able to use a recorder in my room (I was on my high school newspaper so I used one), because I never wanted to accidentally hear a voice. That would scare me way more than just feeling like I’m being watched.

  7. That’s really interesting how you’ve become accepting of them. I honestly couldn’t say I would feel the same. Besides you feeling like you’ve been watched and things being misplaces has anything else come to your attention that the ghost may have done? Have any of your friends that visited said or noticed or felt anything weird? Do you think something invited these ghosts in or have any idea why they might be just by that bedroom and in that closet?

    • My thoughts are that maybe someone died in my room, possibly from hanging themselves in the closet (thus the association). There’s nothing to make me think this, but it seems like a possible idea, although at the same time, I don’t know if you could hang yourself in my closet because the part that would do it is too low to the ground. But generally ghosts haunt the places where they died, so those are my thoughts. If I were braver, I could try to look into the history of my home, but who knows. I live on 18 acres of forest, and I’m sure lots of creepy things have happened (we found a shoe in the middle of a swamp, and there’s a weird fenced area in the middle of the woods…what were people keeping in it?).

  8. I think the whole idea of a pentagram and summoning spirits is so interesting. I’ve read many books about it and it’s fascinating to me that there are so many stories about it. Popular ghost shows sort of make the whole idea a joke; the actors seem overly excitable and jump at literally every sound they hear. But when I look past the stupidity of some of the elements of the shows, I again am extremely interested in that kind of communication with ghosts or spirits. A lot of the symbols and methods they use are religious, which is also remarkable because of how universal they have become.

  9. This is very, very creepy! It’s interesting that your sister felt that the ghost was associated with the closet, even though you never discussed it with her. Why didn’t you move out of the room if you were never comfortable in it? I would’ve just went back to my old room specifically for a better night’s rest. For me, that would only strengthen my beliefs that there are ghosts in the house. When I was younger, I always felt that there were people on the stairs in my house. I also feel the need to sleep with both my closet and bedroom doors closed. I wonder if I was noticing the presence of a ghost too? I doubt it because my fears soon went away, but it is still an intriguing idea.

    • We have 8 people in my family so I couldn’t switch back to my old room because it was already occupied. I just had to deal with it over the years. I think if I was being grabbed or injured, then maybe I’d be more worried. One time I thought one of my siblings was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breath, so I tried to thrash around and eventually realized no one was there. But this could simply just be sleep paralysis too

  10. You’re incredibly brave to be so accepting of ghosts in your house! If it were me, I would not be able to sleep at night knowing there was something in the house that could be watching me at any time. I think it’s really interesting that you thought to change the symbol in the closet to please the ghost and maybe put it at rest. I’m curious to see if it had really worked when you go back. Why do you think a heartagram and Chinese elements would help the ghost?

    • The heartagram was just a way to cover up the pentagram. It’s not a real thing (it’s the HIM logo), but since it has a heart and I was drawing it sincerely, I thought maybe that would influence. And since there is the idea of the elements creating harmony and zen, I thought maybe the chinese elements would help too

  11. Wow this story is really interesting, and I think you are really brave to be so accepting of the ghost because I would be scared out of my mind even if I didn’t have any reason to believe that the ghost wanted to hurt me. Also, I’m the same way about my closet doors, they need to be shut at night in order for me to sleep, but when I was younger I always wanted the door to my room open. Everyone thought I was weird because if there was a burglar or something more rationally scary that occurred I would be safer closed into my room, but my feelings were always that I wanted to have easy access OUT of my room if there were a ghost or something in it with me. Now I usually sleep with my bedroom door closed, but sometimes I still need it open a crack with the hallway light on so that I feel less trapped and safer from ghosts.

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