My Own Haunted House

By: Lily Katz

My family moved into my house about 17 years ago. A widowed woman lived there before us, for this I will change her name to Ms. Burns, and she died while she was living in the house. Weird things have always happened in the house or gone missing and my family and I are convinced that the woman who lived there before us is haunting the house- not in a scary or mean way but in a playful, silly way. I’ll give you a few examples. The main thing that she does is take my mother’s earrings, usually just one in a pair but sometimes both. Its happened multiple times but the best example is once my mom lost just one earring for several months. She was really upset about it and had everyone look all over. She checked every hiding spot she could have put it in, emptied out her jewelry box, shook out her clothes from the last time she wore the earring and still could not find it. She had my family check all over and in her closet and anywhere they could be. Months went by and still she had not found her earring. One day my mom and I were talking and she brought up the earring and half jokingly asked Ms. Burns to return it (in the past when my mom’s jewelry had gone missing we always made a joke of it and blamed her). Later that day my mom walked into her closet and sitting on the floor in the center of the closet was her missing earring. Sure, it could have been a coincidence however, it does not make sense that it would have just fallen from somewhere. It had been missing for months and my mom had gone through her things. Also, that same day my mom had swept the floor of her closet. It was very strange and spooky. My mom has another earring missing now that has been gone for months that she is just waiting for Ms. Burns to return it to her….

Another thing that Ms. Burns has done is trick me into thinking that there is someone in the house. I know, it sounds ridiculous. One time my parents went to dinner and left me home alone. I was in our den, blasting music when suddenly I could have sworn I heard footsteps and a few seconds later my dogs started barking. I turned down the music immediately and found my dogs in the kitchen both staring around the corner, down the hallway. I was petrified but thought surely I was making a mountain out of a molehill and that no one was there. I went back to whatever I was doing but I heard the footsteps again so I called my mom. We decided to wait before doing anything but again I heard someone walking down the hallway and my dogs started barking so my mom and I called 911. Several police cars were there within minutes. They searched the house and found nothing. To this day we are convinced that it was Ms. Burns playing another trick.
I’m sure there are plenty of skeptics who may not believe the stories that I am telling and frankly I do not know if I would either however, there have been too many “coincidences” at this point for me to try to believe that it is not Ms. Burns playing tricks on us.


12 thoughts on “My Own Haunted House

  1. I don’t think your stories sound ridiculous. I definitely believe in haunted houses and I think you mention too many incidents for them to all be coincidence. At least Ms. Burns is not a mean or spiteful ghost. Just curious – if you knew Mr. Burns died in your house before you moved in, did your family have any reservations about moving there?

  2. WHOA. Creepy. But I love the idea of a playful ghost.

    Say, what would you think of reading this blog entry aloud in your house? I bet Ms. Burns would be tickled that she is famous…

  3. I completely believe your stories. My house also has one (or two, or three, we’re not sure), ghosts in it that, while they aren’t menacing, they are most definitely present. I’m going to be writing my next blog post on it, but multiple members of my family have acknowledged the existence of a ghost in the house, and my cats are always suddenly looking back at things when nothing made a sound. What’s scariest for me is the majority of the activity happens in my room, so even though nothing bad happens, it’s still really creepy.

  4. It seems to me as though mrs burns is a prankster. It doesn’t seem like the things she was doing was vengeful or harmful. But I agree about the dogs barking at nothing, I would be terrified also

  5. I don’t blame you, I would’ve been freaked out and called the cops too. When dogs bark, it is usually at something or someone and since they were staring a particular place, I would also believe that someone was standing there. I don’t know how much I believe in ghosts, but after reading this I don’t think there could be this many coincidences. Ms. Burns doesn’t seem harmful in anyway, but it is really interesting to think that she is still around in the house. Has your mom asked her for the earring she is currently missing? If it shows up like that again, that would be so spooky.

  6. If I ever heard a previous tenant had died in the house I planned to buy, I would immediately look for a new place to live. It is great that Ms. Burns only does funny things. Also, I would not be too thrilled if she continued to play hide and seek with my things or forcing me to call the police. Does Ms. Burns ever do anything that appears to cross the line from funny to not good at all?

  7. That’s really interesting that you know the history of your house. I feel like a lot of people pass away in houses sometimes and I wonder if people knew that, if they would finally understand some of the weird happenings that have occurred. If I were you, I would definitely think of Ms. Burns every time something happened too. I would’ve called the police too because better safe than sorry.

  8. I’m so glad I don’t live in a haunted house, but what a cool story! I think it’s so interesting that female spirits seem to be attracted to jewelry and things like that. Has she taken anything else from your mom, or you?

  9. I believe you. Does Mrs. Burns only take things from your mom? Has she done anything to your dad or to anyone else that may come over or visit? Does she (Mrs. Burns) still play tricks on you, and do they happen often?

  10. This is a hilarious story. I could believe that when one buys a house where there was a death, the ghost usually stays around. Like you said, when the ghost stays around, it doesn’t always need to torment you like Beloved did, but it could be “playful”. How did the police react when they arrived and no one was there?

  11. My dad’s been telling me stories about the “ghosts” in my house for years. Every time my friends would sleep over, he would tell us to “watch out for Farmer Pentland” (the name of the farmer who used to own the land my house now sits on). But in all actuality, there was a Farmer Pentland and he did die somewhere around my house. I’ve never seen any evidence of his presence, however, so hopefully he’s at peace somewhere.

  12. I find it incredibly freaky to have a ghost like that in your house even if it is just playful and doesn’t mean harm. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to stay in that house. Do you think if you moved from that house, you wouldn’t experience any of the same occurrences anymore? Since the lady had died in the house, I would think she would stay with the house and continue to haunt it no matter who was in the house. I would really hope she wouldn’t follow you since she has no real connection to your family.

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