Once Upon A Past Life…

By: Jazmine Wells

I have a nephew named Jordan, who is now six years old. At the age of two, Jordan had a very impressive vocabulary for someone of his age, and even at six years old, some of the things that he says still shock me. Jordan understands things very well, and is able to hold very deep conversations with both adults and other children. At two, Jordan was able to operate the television correctly, as well as correctly operate video game systems and DVD players, things that usually kids aren’t able to do correctly until they are much older than two. Jordan lives with his mother, and she didn’t teach Jordan how to operate the television or DVD player at age two, or how to work a game system (because she herself did not know anything about video games). Jordan somehow knew how to do these things on his own. He knows a lot about technology, including computers and cellphones. At three, he knew how to operate an iPhone correctly, and he now has an iPhone of his own, in which he himself created a passcode for the iPhone and remembers. He also knows how to text. When Jordan was two, I remember my sister Tiffany (Jordan’s mother) telling him to go clean his room. Jordan replied by saying, “Mom, I cannot clean my room. The arthritis in my back is killing me,” and then he placed his hand on his back and began squint his eyes in pain. Tiffany looked at him, with eyes bulging out of her head in amazement. Arthritis is usually something that people much, much older than Jordan tend to experience. Not only that, taking into consideration that no one on this side of the family has arthritis, and that Jordan was too young to be in school, where could he have heard such a thing? How did he know how to correctly use the term “arthritis” in this context, and then to display the corresponding body language to this statement? This incident made me think about something…

A few weeks ago, I went home and I watched this show called “The Ghost within My Child”. The show interviewed families that believed their children lived “past lives.” I know this may sound ridiculous, but let me explain. There were a few stories that aired on this show, but there was one that I remember the most. In this episode, there was a 3-year-old causation boy named Luke. Luke was a smart little boy that spoke very well for his age, and like my nephew Jordan, was able to hold very deep and descriptive conversations with both adults and children. Luke’s mother, however, was worried about him. Luke often spoke about being a woman named Pam in his previous life. Luke’s parents didn’t believe him because children are creative, and tend to make things up, however, Luke’s parents notice that their son never stops speaking of Pam.

One day, Luke and his mother were decorating. She posted a sticker on the window and asked her Luke to give it a name. Luke named the sticker “Pam”, and seems to name almost everything that requires a name “Pam”. Luke always had some sort of attachment to this name. A few days later Luke and his mother were watching the news, and the September 11th attack had just happened. They were showing the burning buildings on the television, and Luke became upset, telling his mother he did not want to watch the news anymore. He then began to speak as if he had been in a fire. Luke’s mother then asks Luke how would he know about such a fire? Luke then said that Pam, his previous self, jumped out of a burning building and died. He then said that he went to heaven, but then God pushed him back down to earth to be a little boy. At this point, the mother was afraid, but curious. She then asked “What town did you die in?”, and Luke replied “Chicago”. She knew that this story had to have some truth to it. How could a little 3-year-old make all this up?

Luke’s mother started to do research of fires that occurred in Chicago. His mother comes across something: a woman named “Pamela” who had died in a hotel fire. The mother also found out that many people had jumped out of the burning hotel, and others were rescued from window ledges. She went to Luke and asked him “What did you look like when you were Pam?”, and Luke told her that he had brown skin and black hair. It turned out that the same Pamela that died in that fire was black, and lived in a predominantly black neighborhood. The mother printed out several pictures of the women that were involved in the fire and asked Luke if he recognized any of the pictures. Luke pointed to one of the pictures and said “That’s Pam”. Luke’s father (who had been blowing off the whole idea that this could be true) was speechless at that point. In reality, how could a 3-year-old boy know about things that occurred years ago in a totally different state than the one in which he lived? What is even more unsettling is that everything that Luke claimed to be true, actually happened, and a woman whom he claimed to be actually died in the same way that he supposedly died in his previous life. Was there really a ghost within this child?

This series really made me think about my nephew. I won’t say with one hundred percent certainty that my nephew Jordan was another person in his past life, or that he even existed in a past life, but I will definitely say that his behavior and vocabulary at age three, and even now, greatly surpasses that of what the typical vocabulary and behaviors of someone of his age, and of someone at age three is expected to be.


13 thoughts on “Once Upon A Past Life…

  1. Stories like Luke’s always make me want to find more people like that. I once heard a story about someone whose past life was a sailor during Pearl Harbor that died and he could recall the entire event, including details. While I firmly believe people do have past lives, I do not think it is applicable to your nephew. Jordan seems to be a very smart kid that can pick up on things quickly even if he is not directly taught it. My four year old cousin can do clock related math (“How many minutes until 1 pm”) faster than anyone I have ever seen and yet no one taught him how clocks worked. Naturally, my aunt and uncle use this as a party trick.

    • That’s really impressive, because I can barely read clocks myself. I totally agree with you about Luke, he just sounds exceptionally smart (which is, to me, more impressive than being a reincarnation of someone). I also saw that episode of “The Ghost Within My Child,” and one thing that I question with shows like that and reality shows that involve children is how much of it is real, and how much of it a parent’s desire for their child (and themselves) to be famous.

      Your nephew could very well be reincarnated though. Has anyone asked him the types of questions that you heard on the show? What were his answers?

      • No, no one has asked him any of those questions to my knowledge. Next time I’m with him I’ll ask him and see what he says

  2. This story helped me recall something I previously learned. Last story I took a class on Tibetan Buddhism. When Tibetan monks set out to find the new Dalai Lama, they look for 2-3 year olds who are the reincarnations of past Dalai Lamas. Similar to Luke, these children can remember things about their past lives and pick out the objects that once belonged to them.Your nephew seems like a remarkable child, but I do not think he has a past life. My cousin, who is 9 now, is the smartest person I know in my entire extended family. The mathematical problems he was able to calculate at the mere age of 4 or 5 was remarkable. Although your nephew has achieved similar feats at a younger age, I would be more apt to think he had a past life if he talked about it or the person he used to be, just like Luke did.

  3. Thinking about things like this always scares me because it’s really unknown. None of us really know what happens and how. However, I think that the story about Luke is really interesting because he remembers specific details. How would it feel to know that you were once someone else? Is it possible that we all have lived multiple lives and only some of us remember them? I feel like questions like these could go on forever because no one has an answer that is for sure the truth. I don’t doubt that there is something about your nephew that has to do with a similar thing as Luke but I wouldn’t say there is for sure. I don’t know enough about how this kind of stuff works so I wouldn’t be able to come to a conclusion. I’m glad you told me about that show though because I’d be interested in watching it.

  4. I always found children like this to be interesting. Scary, but interesting nontheless. I remember a story my grandmother used to tell me: My grandmother friend had a daughter that used to go to a park and sit under a large maple tree and cry for hours on end. When the mother repeatedly ask why she was crying, all the girl said was “This is where it ended, this is where they killed me”. As a kid, I couldnt comprehend what my grandmother was talking, Now as an adult, it disturbs me a little. I was always taught that God erases all memory of your past life. Being a Satanist now and having no religion whatsoever, people like that girl and Luke border on being either mentally disturbed or psychic to me.

  5. That’s so freaky. I have seen a little bit about this on the internet before too, but never really saw specific stories like yours. I guess if your nephew started displaying the same behaviors as Luke, like talking about someone constantly and saying he were another person in his past life, you could look into it and maybe it will come up that what he’s saying is true. What I’m really interested about is how many other people in the world display behaviors like this and seem to be reincarnations of others? And will it ever be able to be a proven theory or possible occurrence?

  6. Children will surprise, my daughter is three and she says stuff like that all the time, has been since she was still one. Kids are a sponge, they absorb everything, he probably heard it somewhere, and is repeating it. I am not saying he is not one of the brightest stars in the sky, but kids will surprise you.

  7. I find this kind of story absolutely terrifying. In the “Pam” story you give as an example, I cannot help but wonder if Pam has some sort of unfinished business she needs to take care of and if that is why she returned as a little boy. I find it hard to believe that this little boy could be completely innocent in the future if he has this past life he remembers so vividly. However, I do not think that this kind of story applies to your nephew. I feel like he just is very smart for his age and able to pick up on things quickly and on his own. Only would I start to worry if he starts talking about a specific person or a specific event over and over.

  8. Unless your nephew shows other signs closer to that of the boy in the story, I don’t think he has a ghost inside him. I believe in reincarnation, and while I don’t believe in it due to any religion, I believe that while are memories of the past tend to be erased, we still have bits and pieces that live on in the back of our minds, and they come through in extremely vivid dreams of places we’ve never seen or things we’ve never experienced. Maybe these situations, the past hasn’t been fully wiped, and so the kid remembers his past life. Looking at the other comments, it’s interesting that much of what these sort of children remember is things mostly related to their deaths. Maybe things that are more horrendous are what stays in our memories and refuse to be removed. I know for me, that the things I remember are more often the mistakes I’ve made or the terrible experiences I’ve had, but that could just be because I’m quite the pessimist.

  9. I can never decide whether or not I believe in reincarnation. As a Catholic, we are taught that our souls are a sort of “one use only” deal – we live, we die, we go to Heaven, and we stay there. But the more I hear of stories like these, the more I doubt what I was taught. It seems impossible that these children could have such perfect recall and advanced vocabulary, but it may just be that they are exceedingly intelligent or imaginative. At the very least, your post made me want to check out the show you were talking about.

  10. I’m not quite sure what I believe when it comes to reincarnation and past lives, but I do have an interesting story that relates. My dad’s cousin, Andrea, believes that her son is a reincarnated World War II pilot. So adamantly so that she co-wrote a book about it, appeared on ABC Primetime to speak about it, and every year our Christmas card from her gives us an update on James’s (the “reincarnated” son) progress in the world and any new information they have gathered. If anyone is interested to learn more, here is the link to the website about their book which also contains clips from the ABC interview that describe the experience in more detail.


    You can decide for yourself whether you believe or not.

  11. This reminds me of an experience I encountered when my little brother was born. He never spoke about being in a past life but I would always hear older relatives say that he had “been here before.” At only 1 years old, he could speak in words that were in an adults vocabulary and he was just starting to work a computer (play games correctly). The thing that made me question his presence in a past life, was the fact that he would hold my face with one hand and say “i love you kiddie.” I was mind blown! No one in my family spoke like that and he was only around family. I don’t think he is reincarnated, but he story reminded me of this encounter.

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