Horror Class Makes the Papers!

By: Gina Brandolino

First, let me come clean: this is a blog post about a blog post.  But I can’t not share news on this, the official course blog, that local Ann Arbor media was interested in hearing more about horror class this term. I tried to do a very awesome class justice!  Check it what I wrote here, and appreciate the graveyard photos, complete with fog!


6 thoughts on “Horror Class Makes the Papers!

  1. It is a great article. Not only is the photo epic but the last line is particularly haunting. I think it paints a perfect picture of the tone of our class: literary, terrifying, and prone to go on tangents about bees.

    Ps. I am typing this from my phone so please excuse any typos.

  2. If this article were part of the course description on the course guide, I would 100% sign up for the class (again..). The pictures were my favorite part, all that is missing are a few bees.

  3. Those photos are great! I definitely think you did the class justice, and I especially enjoyed the line about control and horror. I also googled the Brandywine Cemetery and it sounds pretty awesome.

  4. Great Photos. You look kind of scary in that pic. My dad is allergic to bees and almost died several times because he thinks he is invincible against them. Bees in my opinion are scarier and way more dangerous to people than any ghost. It was kind of funny to see everyone unsettled because of something so small. It was like the mouse that scares the elephant into a frenzy.

  5. The article was great, but my personal favorite part was the pictures. You should use those to advertise this class in the future! In the article I loved the comparison of our class the first day the bee flew in to Hitchcock’s The Birds, I think that gives a pretty good mental picture of the atmosphere during that fiasco. Interesting fact about the bee concept related to The Shining: while the movie leaves out this detail, the book actually includes a hornet’s nest as one of the many horrors presented by the Overlook Hotel.

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