Add a Word, Ruin a Horror Movie!

By: Gina Brandolino

I recently learned about #AddaWordRuinaMovie trending on Twitter lately. The idea is that you add a word to a movie title and, by adding that word, completely change up the concept of the movie–so, for instance: Fight Club to Pillow Fight Club (perfect for gradeschool sleepovers!), or The Shawshank Redemption to The Shawshank Coupon Redemption (sequel to follow: Shawshank Groupon!).  I thought, why not introduce this to my horror class and have a nice, friendly competition?

So!  The rules:

  • This competition is open only to members of Fall 2013 ENG290. Other folks are free to raise the level of play by leaving submissions, but only current ENG290 students can win.
  • The movie title you ruin has to be a horror film.  I will leave you to interpret what a “horror film” is for yourself (see Jackson’s post!) and assume that the best submission will get the most votes. But be reasonable: a romantic comedy is scary, but it won’t work.
  • There are lots of changed titles already out there on Twitter.  I leave it to your conscience and to the voting process to make sure a title stolen from somewhere else doesn’t win.
  • Unlike some of the titles going up on Twitter, for this contest you cannot remove or change any words in the title, and you can only add one word to the title.  So, this is more difficult!
  • Only one entry per person!  If you submit more than one entry, I will take your last entry as your official one.
  • The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 16 October 2013.
  • Enter your submission by leaving it as a comment on this blog post.  Make sure, if your WordPress username is not your actual name, that I know who you are.

After the deadline, I will take the valid entries and put them on CTools for a class vote.  The person who wrote the winning title will have a choice of prizes: A $25 gift certificate  to either the Vault of Midnight  or the Michigan Theater.

The_Silence_of_the_Lambs_posterI was both excited and sad to see that someone on the internet had come up a ruined title for one of my favorite horror movies, The Silence of the Lambs:  The Awkward Silence of the  Lambs. Excited because:  Wow!  Well done!  Sad because I wanted ENG290 to have a crack at this movie. But my students are formidable, and I know they can outdo even that awesome title!


34 thoughts on “Add a Word, Ruin a Horror Movie!

  1. Alien vs Predator : Illegal Alien vs. Predator

    (If Alien vs. Predator doesn’t count as a horror movie)

    The descent : The bowel descent

  2. The results are finally in!

    Winner of the Add a Word, Ruin a Horror Movie Contest is Drew with Rosemary’s Baby Daddy, which got 33% of the class votes!

    Runner-up is Olivia Q’s “One Missed Booty Call,” which got 22% of the votes!

    Congrats Drew and Olivia Q, and thanks to all who participated and voted!

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