The Breath on Her Neck

By: Kelly Nguyen

Many stories have been told of seeing a dark, shadowy figure in the witching hours of the night. What are these things and why are they here? Do they mean to do us harm or are they there to simply watch us? My friend, Lauren, heard her fair share of ghost stories, but she never thought she would be experiencing her own, real life horror story. This is Lauren’s story.

When Lauren was in high school, her dad passed away and her mother was mentally ill, resulting in her living at her close friend’s house. While living at this friend’s house, weird things would happen. Sometimes she would close the cupboard door and leave the kitchen, but when she would go back into the kitchen, the cupboard door would still be open. She thought nothing of it, though. Stuff like this happened so often. She would find things out of place and where they shouldn’t be all the time. She thought it was just her being forgetful and misplacing items. She soon found out that these events were just building up to one horrifying night.

One night, Lauren was going to bed early because she had exams the next morning. She awoke around 2 in the morning to the sound of furniture scraping the floor and being moved around upstairs. She woke up irritated and wondering why in the world would someone be moving furniture around at this time of night. She went upstairs to tell her friend to stop making so much noise, but when she got to her friend’s room, she saw that her friend was sound asleep and that none of the furniture had been moved at all. “Weird,” Lauren thought, “Must’ve been a dream.” She proceeded back down the stairs to go back to sleep. She had this eerie feeling that she wasn’t alone, so she hurried back to her room, closed the door, got back in bed, and pulled the covers up over herself. When all of the sudden, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

The old stairs made squeaks and groans that filtered into her room. Whoever was coming down the stairs moved very slowly. The footsteps came closer to her room. Then they paused at her door. She tightened her grip on the covers and could feel her heart beating faster and faster. She could hear the footsteps in her room creeping towards her bed. When the footsteps were right next to her bed, she could feel someone’s breath on her face and neck. They were whispering her name over and over again. Her heart felt like it was being gripped tightly and the life was being squeezed out of her. The only thing she could think to do was to recite every prayer she knew. After a while, it all went away. No more whispering or feelings of her heart being gripped. She has never experienced anything like that or been more scared in her life. She spent the rest of the night awake.

Lauren’s theory as to why these events occurred is that because her friend was never fully religious and had her doubts in God, she left a door open for something, some type of evil being, to come in and corrupt what was left of her relationship with God and corrupt those surrounding her. After she left her friend’s house, her friend rented her room out to other people and every person throughout the years ended up leaving as well because of the noises, furniture moving, and strange happenings. Her friend never experienced anything herself, so she never believed any of them. There are many theories as to why an occurrence like this would happen, and many people believe many different things. You don’t have to agree with her theory; it’s just that, a theory. She may never know why for sure, but she does know what was in that room with her was definitely something malevolent. She is only thankful that no real harm was done to her.


13 thoughts on “The Breath on Her Neck

  1. This is actually incredibly scary, and I read parts of it with one eye open. As for your theory about the friend, did she dabble in using the Ouija board or anything like that, or was there a set history with there where someone or someones had died there, making haunting a possibility?

  2. I agree with Amelia. And the fact that is an experience that someone you personally know had makes it even scarier because it more “real life” and not like Ghost Hunters International. What freaks me out more is that I want to test out this room to see if I would be in a similar situation. I feel as though this is a ghostly creature (not like Casper) with unfinished business with the house, Lauren’s friend’s family, or is just maybe the patron ghost of rooms that are rented.

  3. Oh my God – this made my heart race and I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight! Not only was this well written, your friend’s story is definitely something worth sharing. I hope she is doing well today.

  4. That’s really creepy! I agree that it would be interesting to know if there was a back story to the house. Did someone die there that is still haunting it? And if that’s the case then why does the friend never experience any of the paranormal activity? I think that the open-ended questions make the story even scarier because the reader can fill them with whatever they fear most. Great story!

  5. I think what makes this experience most disconcerting is the interaction of illusion and reality. As the author notes, there was an initial point where she was unsure of whether she was fully lucid, and as such creates a sense of doubt, particularly after the encounter. I think one of the most terrifying aspects is the question that lingers afterwards, “Did that really happen?” Although we may wish to believe it did, how can we be for sure? There are nightmares, and then there are things that scare us in the night. How do we know which is which? Most unsettling for me is the idea that these thoughts are never the same in the daylight. We want to believe that it happened, that it truly terrified us, but was it actually something real or tangible or was it a fictionalization of a subconscious mind?

    • Well, you just made the story scarier for me! I experience stuff like that in my parent’s house all the time and I just tell myself that it’s the house settling, or an animal on the roof; and though I’ve always kind of thought that there was a ghost in the house, I’ve told myself that I’m just being silly. Now I’m not so sure that houses are supposed to make quite so much noise and that the scratches I hear from my ceiling are raccoons.

  6. I think generally if someone were to be the one to open a portal through a Ouija board or ritualistic things, that person is the one who the spirit spends the most time with/affecting, so I don’t think her friend is necessarily the cause of the spirit due to her not seeing it. But there are spirits (at least from what I’ve learned) that don’t bother trying to scare someone if they know they don’t believe, and instead attempt to scare and/or simply interact with others to see if they believe instead. If your friend’s friend won’t believe even after hearing multiple people say it happens, then the spirit may not even try to deal with her.

  7. This post is very well-written and very scary – it reminds me of one of my friend’s homes growing up. My friend Jess lived in a really old farmhouse where somebody had died in the basement years before. Although her family knew about, it didn’t really worry them and they never experienced anything supernatural personally. However, a few of my friends growing up refused to sleep over there because they said they’d seen/heard/felt things in the middle of the night, like the television switching on and off by itself and the stairs squeaking when nobody was up. I always wondered why our friends seemed to experience the supernatural and Jess never did – I wonder if the reasons/theories are similar to Lauren’s case.

  8. This story is incredibly horrifying and makes gives me great sorrow that Lauren had to live with such a difficult situation at such a young age. There are a multitude of reasons why we hear noises or think things are happening to us, but I think that religious beliefs the most outlandish, but also the scariest. I personally do not believe that GOD can follow us around, or is the reason for any of my problems, but I also think that people who do believe it can become more scared than others. I’m glad your friend is okay now.

  9. This is a really terrifying story! Its amazing how when something happens to a someone you know it is so much scarier and really makes you question things that you may or may not have believed in in the past. This post was really well written and horrifying to read.

  10. Wow this is really scary. First off, this is very well written and definitely gave me the chills. I could not imagine being Lauren, I would’ve been so afraid. She probably thought she was going crazy in the beginning when she simply misplaced things. I wonder if Lauren’s friend was more religious, would these things be happening?

  11. What if your friend’s roommate was actually a part of all of this and was maybe the person calling the spirits into the house (or whatever they were)? It sounds really scary and I really hope your friend left the very next day! I don’t think i’d ever be able to stay in a place like that considering how big of a believer I am. However, being religious, I believe your friend did the right thing. I would have recited every prayer I knew multiple times until whatever it was went away. God only knows I wouldn’t be able to scream or make a proper noise of help in such a situation.

  12. Your story was very well written, I was sitting in the computer with an image of what was happening playing out in my head as I was reading. This story was really scary, and I think that your friend’s theory could hold some truth, and even if it turns out that it doesn’t, something definitely happened in that house, and more specifically, something happened in that room. There has to be a specific reason why your friend (and everyone else who lived in that room) experienced the same happenings that Lauren’s friend never experienced. How could she not believe that something was going on, when everyone kept telling her the same story?

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